One of the latest finished projects is a project that we called “Argh Matey!”. This project included Scimatics and Humanities which is four different subjects all together, Science, Math, English and Social Studies. For this project in particular it was Social Studies English and Science. In this project we were asked tho make a comic book about a 1600s explorer and we also had to implement a disease into the story for the Scimatics portion. The driving question for the Scimatics part was How do cells and diseases interact? And the Humanities driving question was what is the significance of global exploration. You can read the comic I made below.

Sir Francis Drake Comic

The image below is the project end mind map reflecting on what we added at the start of the project.

Next is about the curricular competencies

Questioning and predicting: I think that for this competency I completed the tasks as asked and pushing myself to do even better.

Scientific Communication: For this competency I showed a comprehensive understanding about how the virus interacted with the body and used proper scientific vocabulary and accurate diagrams.

Evaluating: This competency I showed an understanding of the outcomes and symptoms of the chosen virus and and implemented them with a story.

Connect: In this I created a good understanding of the explorer and implemented his life into a story consisting of texts that you read and texts that you view.

Establish Historical significance: I showed comprehension in this competency by giving an explanation about the significance of my explorer and what he was remembered for.

Overall this project was quite fun as it involved lots of creativity for making the comic while also gaining a lot of knowledge as this project involved four subjects.