Following the onset if the pandemic it forced schools to shut down, but now that we have gotten it mostly under control schools are back in business and that means its time to dust off my blog. Now on to the topic of this post. We just finished a project called “Running A Remake”. I will also like to add that this project was completed in a span of 3 DAYS. So what was this project about?, well this project was all about film and we asked to make an exact replica of a short horror film called “Run!”. The driving question was “How might we learn video skills by recreating a short film”.

You can watch the original film below:

The project started off by creating a video to introduce ourselves. This was done on an Apple app called “Clips” we used this to create a short video about who we are. This teaches you that story is always the most important thing because nobody wants to watch a video that has no meaning or point. The challenge with this was probably the timeframe but since it was not particularly hard it was not hard to get it done on time.

Now onto the thing that this project was all about. I was put in a group with Nya, Dries and Keenan. We firstly had to create a plan for how we were going to create the film. This plan included writing down the shots we needed and how long they lasted for. We then planned out what costumes we needed for each character. The next day we then set out first thing in the morning to film. In my mind I was thinking that we couldn’t waste time because in my experience it takes way longer than you think to get enough shots to make a film. What was good is that all of our group was on the same page and we ended up finishing with a bit of time to spare before break. That first film day we learned that the angles of the shots were very important to recreating the film. The next part in the recreation of “Run!” was to edit it and we used the Apple app “iMovie”. The biggest challenge we came across in this part was lining it up with the original video. This part was really tedious but I thought in the end it was pretty accurate.

The next day was the day to re-shoot and re-edit. This day was much easier than the day before since we knew the original video very well and had already made a draft. This day we got shots that made much more sense than the last ones. We had the main subject running in the same direction the whole time and we got more accurate angles and thats because we focused on this a lot more the second time. Once we got to editing its was much more easier than the day before because our other video had accurate length scenes so we could just match the new ones to the length of the new ones. This time the video came out much better than the last and we were all well satisfied.

You can watch our film below:


In the end I thought this project was a good introduction into film and film theory. Our group worked well and efficiently together to put together a video that we are all proud of. This marks the end of this three day project but be sure to look back next week for the next project. See you next time!