Every Object Tells A Story

Welcome to the final Humanities blog post for grade 8. This project was called “Every Object Tells A Story”, basically all the knowledge that we were building was based solely around artifacts and what historical significance they have been through. The driving question for this project was “How can artifacts teach us about settlement, peoples, and life in New France?”. So as you could probably tell our project was about researching artifacts in New France. After researching artifacts and choosing an artifact we were to make a historical fiction story with the artifact included. The artifact that I choose was a mortar and you can find more information about it in the book. You can check out the book below.

One Lucky Shot

The important competencies being assessed for this project are communicate and evidence. We can start off with communicate and what is being looked at are things like the information you collected and shared in written form or any other form. For this I think that I can say I had very concise information about my artifact and I represented it in nice written form. An example for this was the “artifact research form”, for this the content represented New France competently and showed how the artifact was used during those times and what significance it has for today. I also communicated ideas by video on zoom to peers and teachers which is something that we have just been doing in the last few weeks but I have gotten used to it and it seems now like a normal class. Next is evidence and that is how you evaluated your artifact to decide that they were good to support a historical fiction story. I feel that I met this from doing the extensive research about how this impacted New France and fitting that into a fictional story. I think that I put my artifact into a story and it fit well.

Something that I feel that I succeeded in this project was the book, I feel that it every time I write another book it gets better and better and I think that this was one of my most interesting ones. Something that I struggled with was finding specific information about my artifact, I really had to dig deep to find information about it. A part of the end product I’m most proud of is probably the actual storyline of my book and I thought it was one of the most interesting ones I have done. The skill that I feel I explored the most was writing, I got better at writing and felt that it was easier to come up with ideas. The content that I enjoyed learning the most is the artifact, I chose because when I was searching for one and it caught my eye and the information that I found about it was really interesting and that is why I enjoyed learning that the most. To answer the driving question I would say I learned and gained enough knowledge to show what the impact that this artifact had on New France and also how it was used in New France. In conclusion this project was great also considering it was all done online and I feel that I have left off humanities on a good note. 

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    I love how concise and interesting this blog post is. I think you cover all the necessary points really well.

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