The project that I missed half of.

My crusades dialog

What was this project and why did I miss half of it well that’s what I’m going to tell you in this tiny post. But first we need to find out What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today? First we need to delve into what I did in this project most of it I didn’t know what to do but still first I’ll start with the most fun thing in my opinion we did this project making a dialog skit.

Oliver : hey I see you by the way

Sawyer : oh well I can’t say it’s good to see you

Oliver: I though you said you’d never speak to us again…….BROTHER!!!!!!!

Sawyer: I’m sorry for what i did but its just my beliefs 

Oliver: want to talk about it I wont tell mom

Sawyer: ok but make it fast i have somewhere to be

“The brothers go to a fire and talk”

Oliver: so your now Muslim huh

Sawyer: yah and your Christian

Oliver: i think that what the crusades are doing to you guys is terrible

Sawyer: yah last week i went to a town that had been raided what i saw…what they did to us it was terrible 

Marc: HEY what are you guys talking about 

Oliver: oh god don’t scare me like that

Marc: I’m thinking about joining the crusade’s

Sawyer:i don’t think you should they kill us rob us they are terrible people

Oliver: both people are being bad the Muslim’s are taking our land but the Christian’s are being very brutal i just want both people to stop

Marc and sawyer: yah same

Sawyer: just being in the middle of this is terrible

Oliver: yah.

End of script.

The book of the lion

The fun part about it was that we got to present our scripts to the class but sadly I wasn’t there for the presentation because I was deathly sick with the disease called “The cold” I know very menacing. But overall me and my partners worked …… I wouldn’t say that hard because it was just dialogue but it was a fun part of this dragging on project. Probably the biggest part of this project was we had to read another book. I have to say the allure with the books in this program is very big and I hope I wont have another one for this new project. But the book we read was The book of the lion and it was alright. I mean I wouldn’t say it was the best things I’ve read but I’m still thinking about if its bad or not. It’s set in the medieval era so that must mean oh yeah this project was centred around those times. If you read my last post you know that there’s work sheets to do as we read the book and reflections of those sheets so basically the same thing.

Chinggis Khan tribute

The next thing we did or the one of the last things we did was create a tribute to a leader not any ordinary one though you had to pick one of these three SALAH AL-DIN, CHINGGIS KHAN, and ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE. There was multiple options for a tribute like a poem a video a song or something like that. My group worked on a video oh and I forgot to mention that we had 20 minutes so we were on a bit of a time crunch. One person worked on the video while me and the other were sending him photos and dialog to use for the video. For 20 minutes I think we did pretty good but it’s up to you to. (I did not have the music choice.)

My Movie 6

the artwork starring me!

For the final thing we did for this project we had to find a painting from the year 1100 to 1650 and place ourselves inside the image. We had to learn how to use a new app called superimpose it was pretty easy to make funny photos. We had to get a good photo for that background and it really only took 10 – 20 minutes to make so it was simple. You might want to see this good art that I made so here it is and thank you for reading the post about the project that I missed half the assignments for.

It’s the end of my world (as I know it)

In the beginning 

This project was quite long and most of the time difficult. It all started with this silly book called the outsiders. In this post I’m going to tell you the hell it was to write and record a song plus read a book that I wouldn’t say was bad I necessarily didn’t like. First about what we did for the outsiders portion of this project.

When we started reading the outsiders we got 4 role sheets to do. These role sheets had different things to do on them like drawing a part from the 10 chapters or taking a passage and writing about it and why you chose it. Most of this part of the project was about worldview and your worldview but I didn’t really get it so I was just piecing it together bit by bit. I still don’t know what is the definition of worldview I haven’t gotten that far yet.

The long bit of the project.

About a quarter through the book and the project we got another assignment to do. Make made up lyrics to the song It’s the end of the world as we know it. This song required teamwork since we were in groups and we couldn’t have done it without our groups it was to big of a project. But honestly my groups lyrics were ……. Alright I mean they weren’t great but they were fine. We also used garage band to edit the song and add cool effects to some parts. Sadly there was a set track so we didn’t get to play any instruments which was the part I was looking forward to. Now on to the second part of the song making the video!

For the making of this video was pretty long siding on the fact that I wouldn’t send any photos until like a week before it was due but besides that it went pretty well. The song was 4 minutes long so each person had to give 20-30 photos I gave about 15 ish photos simply because I didn’t have any photos of myself but they had enough to cover me. Once we had all the photos one person had to edit the video and give it transitions and movement because without it it would just be a slide show over a song. The video needed collaboration, working together, and decision making but in the end we got there and made the video and here it is.

Back to the outsiders 

Nearing the end of this project was a very happy day for me because it lasted almost 3 months so yeah I was pretty happy. On one of the last days our teacher let us watch the movie the outsiders and we thought it was a fun couple of days watching a movie but I got hit hard when we had to make a venn diagram while we watched the movie which was a horror to me and some other people. It was about things that relate to me and relates to the outsiders so that was fine. But that was about it for the project it was way to long and I’m glad to be done with it.

This is how I got through my first project and became a learner.


For the past few months I have been fighting through hours of homework and being tired all the time for one project Becoming a PLP learner and to find out Who am I as a PLP learner.

This project has been a lot of work but I am pretty proud of a few things that took time out of my weekend which is unforgivable and was very bad. But I liked 3 things from this project which I don’t know why because it’s school work and horrible but I liked my shoe.  

Here’s a link to more shoes: Nike shoes

You maybe be asking out of all of the things you did in this project why a shoe well it was my favourite and that I thought it was a cool assignment to do. School work is boring and if you don’t think that then your bad but not all school work is bad (most of it is bad  like math but carrying on) art and P.E are fun but besides that there’s really not that fun. This project took way too long and was pretty forgiving if you didn’t hand in your work on time one especially the Memoji that I revised many times.


Some of the newer assignments that we did in October were the pumpkin we made and our traced dog. Most of this stuff maybe seem weird to you well because it is but it also was fun and the tracking project we did in this course. First I will show the dog because I personally like it more than the pumpkin. The pumpkin kind bad so that’s another reason why.

After some anticipation about this jack o lantern pumpkin the next picture I will show will be it. But first lets talk about the inner workings of this assignment and how it was made. First we started off by just erasing bits of the pumpkin to make a face or whatever. Then we put shapes on the pumpkin to make it look like more of a jack o lantern.

Well to wrap up this project for good and this blog post this took a lot of time mainly for the project not so much for the post but I put some thought into this. I’m not very good at writing long form essays or stuff like this much because your stuck with the same topic. But alas there’s so much to write about this one so I leave you with my 5th and final picture my WordPack! Oh and if you want to check out more about me then click this link:

About Me

Music and instruments

The beginning and why

Do you like to listen to music and or play a cool instrument well. One thing I care about that other people should too is music. Music is good to listen to and fun to play/make, you may think it’s boring but if you find a good style of music like jazz or something else you’ll end up listening for a while. Here are some good instruments to play. Guitar is a great starting instrument because it’s easy to learn (I have never played guitar) and many peoples first choice for an instrument. Saxophone, Trumpet and Drums are very good (I play the drums). Basically any instrument is good some might be harder though so be happy what you choose.


Why I play the drums

Well I was going to play the trombone but I instead put it off for 2 years and started another instrument. The drums is the main instrument to hit things and I think that’s why little kids play or they really do like it. I only started instruments really only 1 year ago which is not very long for instruments.


Some facts and the conclusion

More about music it has been around for 35,000 years that’s along time. Music is a very good subject to wright about because there’s so much information and stuff to right about. You can make a whole essay on this subject so yea there’s a lot. That’s really all I wanted to talk about thank you for hopefully ready this post I spent some time on it and yes I’m stretching this out to 200 words. Hope you read more of my work goodbye.