Student blogging challenge week 6

Hello, yes its me again forced to do yet another student blogging challenge. This challenge is going by really fast. Anyway this week is called emojis. We had to do three tasks and my first one I chose to do is a emoji math thing. The premise for this is that we have to make math questions with emojis. Here is my emoji math questionnaire.

The second task I chose to do is the make your own emoji. This one is probably the most fun out of all of them. This task is just as the name suggests I have to make an emoji or some emoji art. I chose to make my own emoji. Here is a picture of it.

The final task is to make an emoji story prompt. This involves going to a website and making a story out o the emojis it randomly generates. Here is my story. There once was an Indian film director who was always very tired. One day he saw a cute red bird who then magically turned into a beautiful Lady, just like the story from his most famous film. And then she loved him and they went on a date and got ice cream. They then had a son. The end.

2 thoughts on “Student blogging challenge week 6

  1. Hey Thomas !

    Although your story isn’t very descriptive (though I don’t blame you), it has a very interesting plot.
    Maybe you could write it, or even give me permission to write a short story from it?

    The bumbling bee,
    Beelia !

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