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The Transitional presentation of Learning. The Tpol. I just finished grade 9 which means I’m out of the “armpit of highschool” and that deserves a little reflection of what actually got me  out of the armpit. It’s hard to look back to the start of the year that being 10ish months ago, but I remember just finishing grade 8 feeling very confident with my work abilities but I had absolutely no clue how much of a step up grade 9 is from 8. The first at project was people and the environment which we had to learn how to write professionally to an important person such as the minister of the environment(which is who I wrote to) and write them a letter about how I, as a student, can help fix or take action to a environmental problem. I never got a letter back but I was very proud of the work I created so that’s a win in my book. Nevertheless, the work is a lot harder in grade 9 as it was in grade 8. (All couses say 8 down below, its actually 9)

At the start of the first semester I had some trouble keeping up with all my work while still having it as extending quality, and that deeply reflected on my Showbie and report cards not having great marks because I completely missed a assignment now and there. So on my learning plan under what I plan my learning to look like, I said having an organized schedule which will make me keep up to date Once semester 2 started we came up with a new work time schedule and slowly learned to balance that with my sports life and social life. I started off the semester over the moon with how much I’ve been keeping up with the work, and surprisingly if wasn’t too hard to do so it just took commitment. Keeping on that track for the whole semester is quite challenging but I do have more of a grasp  than early on in the year by far.

Failing is a huge part of my growth because if you only do things semi correctly there’s no way of findingout how you can improve whatever it is that your doing. Learning how to do stuff not correctly, knowing what not to do, and building off of that failure is personally how I’ve grown as a learner and how I eventually started to create better work. There’s two scimatics examples, one of early on this year which I had to make a board game, and one where I had to made a Rube Goldberg machine.

I made a fun board game but it did not meet the criteria well because the math aspects of the game that we were supposed to have were just not it at all. That project got a sun cloud because it was a fun board game and the only thing blocking the sun was the academic aspects.

I did better on the metaphor machines project making a really cool machine with my partner Erik, but instead of having just a cool machine, we took time enterprating to science part of the project into the electric circuits. And by failing that first time by not adding the academic part, I learned from that, applied it to my next project, and got a well rounded accomplished.

The main question is why do I think I should advance to the next grade level? I think I should advance so I can continue failing and doing nothing but bettering my work quality, and master my school to social life schedule and get a grip on how to do both well, not do one well and lose the other.

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