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Chemistry Coding Summative Post

The behaviour of matter can be explained by the kinetic molecular theory Molecular Simulator Introduction: This project taught me how complex science can be when concerning atoms and scientific theories. For this project we were tasked with using scratch to… Continue Reading →

The more things change

What did European settlement mean for all people involved? Introduction: This project helped me to gain a further understanding of the relationship between First Nations and Europeans. I found this project to be quite difficult however, extremely enjoyable and educational…. Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination Final Reflection

Destination Imagination Reflection Introduction: Destination Imagination was an amazing experience and I’m ecstatic to share my experience with the class. I was in the technical challenge, my team, The Troublesome Tech Team, consisted of six member including myself that had… Continue Reading →

Argh, Matey Reflection

What is the impact of global exploration? Introduction: Argh Matey taught me about what really happen during the age of exploration and the history of pirates. This unit was all about why European exploration happened, how did happen and what… Continue Reading →

Student Blogging Challenge Reflection

    The Student Blogging Challenge has taught me how to blog properly and how to use certain blogging tools. If you haven’t been following my blog, the student blogging challenge is a challenge where teachers give students a topic… Continue Reading →

Growth Mindset Journal

Growth Mindset Journal Click to read this book, made with Book Creator My Growth Mindset taught me how to start having a growth mindset and stop getting fixed mindset when struggling to solve a problem. In the past I… Continue Reading →

Free Choice:New Avatar

    I decided to change my cat avatar to a drawing of myself for this blog post. This challenge we were aloud to choose any subject to write about. I decided to draw myself since, I’ve posted pictures of… Continue Reading →

Celebration and Festivities

  Family Celebration The biggest holiday my family celebrates is Christmas. My family is Christian however, we aren’t that religious and mostly focus on the relationship aspect of Christmas. Most Christmases, my mom’s side of the family that lives in… Continue Reading →

How it started, how it’s going

What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today? Introduction  This unit really made me question my knowledge and understanding of history and our lives today. It was overwhelming and took a great deal… Continue Reading →


  For this post I was given eight random emojis and had to create a story with is using the Pixar story spine   Once upon a time..😃 There was an optimistic man who had an amazing family, was one… Continue Reading →

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