All about me!

Hi there! My name is Aidan and I am a Seycove Secondary student and a PLP learner, my graduation year is 2027.

This is my blog and on it I will be posting different things from the PLP program. My favourite things to do include, reading, gaming, rowing, and messing around with my friends. Some of the things from my collage are me in my Halloween costume, my cat and my dogs, a picture of where I go, and me when I was 5. One of the things that I would be most proud of is a book cover from grade 6 it took a long time to make and it was hard, but the end result looked great! 

In the wintertime I like to ski at whistler, and in the summer and spring I like to row with the school and my friends, and sometimes go for a bike ride.

This Gif of me represents all the things that go on in my head, like reading playing games, eating, and thinking about my cat.

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