During this last little while in humanities we’ve been looking a lot at the colonization of the Indigenous people and the outcomes of that, and how that’s affected the world. Particularly we’ve been looking at things such as the Seven Years war, the Royal proclamation, and the Covenant Chain and how these events really effected the Indigenous peoples’ lives.

Anyways let’s look at the first keystone going all the way back to April 14 with the Art Chart. During this assignment we had to choose an image, (I chose image #12) and we had to make implicit and explicit references about the image that we took. We had to talk about some of the Indigenous and European qualities and what kind of perspective our image is, sort of stuff like that. This is the image which I got:

For keystone 2 which was actually very similar to keystone 1, we had to re interpret our original image which we took and change it to how the Indigenous possibly saw the Europeans. So I changed my image from what seems to be a religious guy trying to spread Christianity among the Indigenous people to what the Indigenous probably saw him as, which is a weird guy with a big beard in robes pointing to a weird stick thing.  Along with that we had to create a chart sort of explaining what we reinterpreted and what we did. So for me, I talked about how the original image used to be a balanced perspective but is now a very Indigenous perspective with the Indigenous people seeing the Jesuit holding the cross as really odd and possibly evil and dangerous. My original image is the one up top, here is my reinterpreted image:

Now let’s talk about keystone 3, for this keystone we had to answer the driving question “What are the consequences of the colonization”, I’m not going to talk about what I had to say to answer that question because it’d be very long. But basically we had to answer the driving question and write a script between the length of about 2 to 3 minutes for our final assignment which was actually the AR Makr Video. But for those who are curious this was my entire answer to the driving question:

And finally to rap up this entire sector let’s finish off by talking about the final assignment which was the Ar Makr video. For this assignment we had to basically read off our script but also showcase our original image and reinterpreted image at the same time showing the differences. My video luckily ended up to be right about 2 minutes with both reading my script and showing the 2 different images which was good.

But anyways I had my ups and downs during this sector in humanities having assignments which I really enjoyed but some which I didn’t quite enjoy. But overall I found learning about the colonization was quite interesting despite it being quite sad and depressing at times, but it was overall good and an enjoyable sector!