The Dominion Revival Party of Canada

A democracy is the fairest way to ensure that the majority of the population has a say or their opinion in how things work, but are based upon certain rules.

Currently we have a first past the post system of voting to ensure each region gets to decide on their candidate or MP to represent them and make decisions. My information is from Elections Canada. Some regions or electoral districts have a much greater population than others and the votes are therefore weighed differently in the big picture. The Dominion Revival Party of Canada is a dedicated team working towards unity and making sure everyones vote is worth the same.

To ensure voting is as fair as possible our party will be reviewing the ridings every census compared to looking at them every two. This does mean they will absolutely be changed but it will keep everything in check. Since a key focus to our party is governmental reform we will also be looking at the senate and senate groups. By changing the representation per region and switching the number of seats per region it will better represent the needs of Canadians. This will also have an equal amount of citizens being represented per senator. Proposals to review the senate have been ongoing for quite a long time according to the Canadian Encyclopedia  author, Richard Foot. To summarize, senators are appointed to represent a region but at some times end up representing political parties. This goes against the idea of the senate being for an independent voice for the region. They are following instructions from the party leaders in the Commons instead of being their own voice.

Another goal of the Dominion Revival Party is to reform equalization payments. The chart from Finances of the Nation has a clear chart showing how it is not fair. The website shows several charts on the results if different revenues were to be weighed more equal. In 2020 to 2021 the province of Quebec received $13.3 billion and many provinces received $0. How is this fair? The amount transferred to certain provinces can definitely be way too much as Quebec has some of the lowest living costs. There needs to be a balance among provinces and territories.

The Dominican Revival Party is a dedicated team working towards ensuring a better and brighter future. With a strong government, equalization, and unity.



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