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Hi and welcome back to another blog post! We have just completed a project with the main focus being ‘how should we govern ourselves?’ So much work and leaning has gone into this project over the past month and a half and now it is time to share! We learned and completed milestones such as the Election Reflection, Statement of Intent, a press release, and finally submitting our campaign video.

Deciding how we should govern ourselves was a very difficult task especially going into the project and figuring out I didn’t know as much about the government as I thought. And then having to be able to find a structure that would have the best outcome while still being reasonable and attainable. By the end I found I have really learned about the structure of government, the different parties, the different levels of government, and how we as society are impacted.

The first leap into the government piece of the project was going over democracy and how the government is structured . We then looked at political ideologies and worked on finding where we stand. We were given ideas and resources for further research to come up with a better understanding to then be able to make our best judgement. We also watched a zoom call with the candidates running for the Burnaby-Seymour riding which we could potentially be able to vote for in the next few years.

Election Reflection

In my first post I researched proportional representation and how government systems would be impacted. In my last blog post I did a deeper dive. And some thoughts on what would happen if the legal voting age was to be lowered. The results of the government would most definitely be changed.

When we completed the blog post with some of our ideas on how we could govern ourselves and  make a change, we were put into groups to create the party. It took time, several revisions and decisions later we started to make our conclusions.  After much thought and discussion my group, the Dominion Revival Party worked through the project. Including creating a platform and a final video . I worked with Grace, Owen, and Brenton who have come up with great blog posts on our platform and intentions on their own sites.

Watch our video here!!!

It was a difficult task at first to try and align our ideas on how the government should run and create a party that would represent that each of us wanted accordingly and fairly. We looked into the structure of government and the electoral districts. By looking into the amount of people in each district we can ensure that they are as balanced as possible to represent everyone equally while still having MP’s for each riding. By revising the senate, power of the mps, and electoral districts the changes will most definitely have an impact.

My Main Question

After all the information and ways to change and better ourselves to create a better government my brain keeps going back to the same thought. How has our government been kept nearly the same for several decades, yet everything and everyone is constantly evolving and changing. If you look at medicine for example, the technology and research is spectacular and still going up exponentially. If you look at surgery being laprascopic now and making tiny incisions vs being extremely life threatening. Of course it still holds risks but they are constantly decreasing. I wonder if the system of government will ever go through a big change. Changing a system would be quite scary to many but also a chance for new growth. The plan would have to be immensely good for the population to decide to change as many thoughts on government are very controversial. Down below is my test answer…

As human population increases and technology advances, brain power is increased therefore we excel more quickly. This is my idea on how information impacts us and how we have evolved over time. New information and ideas are collected, constantly edited, and revised to benefit the people. By listening and being attentive to what is around us we can learn and form new ideas and thoughtful opinions. My question is why the government is still the same after 154 years and not one thing has been changed. I believe that people are not fairly represented and not every vote is weighted the same. If we change the ridings and review them every census instead of every two they can be adjusted responsibly. Currently with the voting system many are swayed between voting for the prime minister and voting  for their mp. By keeping the first past the post system and electing mps that will represent your specific needs within your area this doesn’t have to be a problem. With the power of more decisions placed in the mps hands and having more votes we will have solutions that better represent the specific issues. By also reviewing the senate laws and having the people being represented fairly the senate would be there to join the leading party to make national issues resolved. It’s time for new ideas in the government. We are forever evolving and changing and we need to bring as much as we cans with us.

Moving just this year the day before school was a major change and with the completely new style of learning in PLP my brain feels like it is going non stop. But in a good way. One of my  favourite parts of the program is using CRAFT  and having access to all my thoughts and ideas linked together which I may have forgotten or can be easily edited and then used in the future. I love having all my ideas and then having the ability to write assignments easier once the foundation is built. When we had our final test(above) on how we should govern ourselves and although it seemed like a lot to have to write about and think about in a short amount of time it came much easier having my thoughts and ideas available.

By the end of the project I feel I have much better judgement on what I align with when I comes to government and can make educated decisions.

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