Confederation Nation

Hey guys, as you probably know, Confederation between the colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Upper and Lower Canada was achieved in 1867. It was a day of historic proportion but it would have never happened if not for all the conferences and negotiations that went into creating the Confederation. So we decided to… Continue Reading Confederation Nation

‘Tis a TikTok my Good Sir

Hey guys, I’ve been working on a new project in Humanities and it could possibly be one of my favourite projects yet. For the last few weeks we’ve been learning about nationalism throughout history and the significance and consequences of said nationalism. Once we had gained this new found knowledge it was time to use… Continue Reading ‘Tis a TikTok my Good Sir

Return of the Exhibition

Hey guys, as most of you know each year PLP does a Winter Exhibition in December to show off the amazing skills we have learned so far in the year. Each grade is given a huge project that are usually a mix of Humanities and Maker combined. This year was no different. Although both classes… Continue Reading Return of the Exhibition