The Final mPOL

Hey guys, it is once again time for mPOLs. We’ve done a few projects so far this year and through them I’ve learnt, grown, and seen where I still need to grow. I hope by the end of this presentation I have properly conveyed where I believe my strengths and areas for improvement are. To […]

A Codex to The Confidence Code

Hey guys, so for the last semester I’ve been taking a class called Personal Growth Plan or PGP which is the PLP equivalent of Career Life Connections. The semester just ended and with it we had to present our final project, what do I need to know to move forward with lifelong learning and active […]


Hey guys, it’s the end of yet another school year which means yet another year to reflect on and to share that reflection in a TPol. In fact this is my last TPol I will ever have to do! Sadly, that means that next year I will be consumed with preparing for a 30 minute […]

Persuasion to Progress

Hey guys, it may come as a surprise to some of you but although most of what we do in Humanities falls under the umbrella of social studies, the course itself is supposed to be both socials and english. This most recent project can attest to that. We were tasked with writing a persuasive text […]