Too Little Too Late

Hello my fellow humans, how have you been doing? Well I hope your good because it’s time for another weekly blog post. This week I’d like to talk about something that I mentioned in my last post and that’s about taking responsibility for your learning and understanding the consequences that come with the failure to… Continue Reading Too Little Too Late

History and Elections, How Exciting…

Well hello there, as many of you know I live in British Columbia which is one of 13 provinces and territories in Canada. Recently we just had our provincial election which was called almost a year early but that is a whole other can of worms that I would rather not get into at the… Continue Reading History and Elections, How Exciting…

Suprises Aren’t Always A Good Thing

I don’t know about the rest of you but this last week has been riddled with one surprise after another, some more welcome than others. For the last five weeks or so my class has been working on our first project of this year for Humanities which was to create a trailer for a podcast… Continue Reading Suprises Aren’t Always A Good Thing

There is No Glory in War

Hey guys, the last few months have been hectic, especially in school, but somehow our PLP teachers managed to still take the time to create fully fleshed out projects for us to complete. And our latest humanities project, “The Great War”, is no exception. As you can probably tell from the name this project surrounded… Continue Reading There is No Glory in War