‘Tis The Season For Reflection

Hey guys, this is the final week of the SBC which means it’s time to reflect on everything we did these last seven weeks. However, before I even started to reflect on my actual posts I completed a survey that helped me reflect on the whole challenge. The survey asked questions like: how would I… Continue Reading ‘Tis The Season For Reflection

It’s The Nutcracker!

Hey guys, this week’s theme for the SBC is Celebrations and Festivities and I decided that I would share my family’s Christmas traditions with you. My family celebrates Christmas and we have multiple traditions, like going to our family friend’s house on Christmas Eve to have an amazing roast. However, there’s one tradition that’s a… Continue Reading It’s The Nutcracker!


Hey guys, this week the Student Blogging Challenge was all coding. I consider myself to be pretty good at coding, I sped through all of the coding activities we did in elementary school and I code on Swift Playground for fun. However, imagine having to use all these complex lines of code while being blind,… Continue Reading CODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Police Christmas Party

Hey guys, this week’s theme was celebration and festivals so with Christmas approaching I thought it only appropriate that I write about my Christmas traditions. Every year my family and I go down to Richmond for The, as I like to call it, Police Christmas Party. This year is probably my last year going to… Continue Reading The Police Christmas Party

Book Rant: The Supervillan and Me

This week’s theme for the Student Blogging Challenge was Similarities and Differences. We were given four things that we could do to choose from, I could quiz our readers with fun graphics, I could make a poll, I could tell you all about my favourite type of music, or I could share a book review.… Continue Reading Book Rant: The Supervillan and Me