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Hi guys, this week I’m going to be talking about chemistry. Chemistry is basically the study of atoms, compounds, elements, molecules, and ions, it is sometimes called the central science due to the fact that it is the foundations of all sciences. The reason I’m interested in chemistry is because it’s interesting to see how two substances can change each other so much. Here’s a video that I found on YouTube about the chemistry of cookies.

Here is a brief explanation of what the video was talking about for those of you who either don’t feel like watching the video or it’s just not working. Basically, while your cookies are in the oven many chemical reactions are happening right before your eyes. At certain temperatures different things start to happen to the cookie, such as it flattening out, this is because the butter has melted in the dough and is no longer keeping the shape of the previous rounded dough. One other main chemical reaction is when proteins and sugars breakdown and rearrange themselves into ring-like structures that reflect light, this reaction creates the golden brown colour that we all know and love this reaction is called Maillard Reactions.

Now we are going to play a game of two truths and a lie but this game is chemistry themed, you have to call on your knowledge of what I have written about and shown you in this post to answer this test. 

  1. Chemistry is sometimes called the central science.
  2. Maillard reaction is also sometimes called caramelization.
  3. The butter melting in the cookie while it is cooking causes the dough to flatten out. 

Comment down below your answers for the two truths and a lie.

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  1. Miriam Gorbatov says: Reply

    Hi Grace,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. The video about cookies and the chemistry involved in baking them was very informative. I also really liked the two truths and a lie game. I think the second statement that the mailard reaction is the same as caramelization is false. Comment back and let me know!

    (Student Blogging Challenge Commenter)

    P.S. Great job on citing your sources!

    1. Hi Miriam, I’m glad you liked the post and video, ted ed is a great YouTube channel with lots of great videos you should check it out. Anyway, you are correct about the second statement being false that means you paid attention to the video.

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