The Local Crazy Ones

Hey guys, the final project of the year has finally come to a close which means it’s time for the final blog post of my grade 11 year. As always the last project was presented in the spring exhibition, which this year had both some great ideas and execution and some downfalls. But this is… Continue Reading The Local Crazy Ones

Hiroshima and The Weight of Morals

The Winter Exhibition has come and gone once again and with it, our main project for the semester. Based on my previous blog posts you could probably come to the conclusion that we were focusing on Hiroshima, or more specifically the bomb that was used to destroy it. However, that’s not really the full extent… Continue Reading Hiroshima and The Weight of Morals

DI But Not Really

Hey guys, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months you probably know about the global pandemic going on. Almost everything that isn’t essential has been shut down, sadly that included the DI provincial tournament. However, luckily for us our teachers decided to host their own provincial tournament an Zoom for… Continue Reading DI But Not Really