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What I Did On The Alberta Trip

This September, the PLP 9 class went on a field school in the interior of BC and Alberta. I did not attend, why you ask. Well for one, I was playing a lot of hockey and moving into a new house.

Although I was pretty bummed about not being able to go on the trip, I got the news that I had made the a2 team the day before our class left, and that made me pretty not bummed, in fact I was very excited because it is currently my first year playing for North Van minor. So over the week the class was gone I got a chance to get to know my teammates and coaches.

My mom and I moved into our new house on the 16th of September and there was a lot of boxes to move. It was actually pretty fun and I got a chance to have a mini family reunion as multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins helped us move. My favourite thing about moving here is definitely how close we are to the mountains and my Mom’s house is only about a 15 minute walk to the Seymour shuttle.

Hockey and new homes aside though, let me explain what I did at school while the majority of my class was in another province.

For starters the people that stayed (Anikah, Aiden, and I) were given a unique assignment being the Seycove identity video. We also had to make our own ghost town video and individual identity video.

Ghost Town:

While the class got to run around a real ghost town and make a goofy silent, black and white video in it, we got to do the exact same thing, but inside of the school, I think the biggest plus side of filming it at Seycove was the fact that we could run around the school without consequence. In this video Anikah is the Cop, Aedan was the robber, and yours truly, was the camera man/editor.

The Seycove Identity:

The Seycove identity video was fairly fun to make as well mostly because I got to do this video with Anikah and Aedan. This video was a pretty neat thing for me as I got to learn a bit more about this school’s culture and clubs, but it was also a little challenging because of certain actors including myself aren’t the greatest at keeping a straight face while filming. You can watch that video in all its glory right here:

Unit End Video:

Finally, the identity video. This was definitely the most challenging for me but it was also the one I probably learnt the most from, during this project I researched the Oil Refinery located in Burnaby (just across the water from Deep Cove), did a short interview at the cultural centre in deep cove, and did a lot of filming around North Van itself. You can read my full blog post about this unit right here.

I think the fact that we didn’t really have any teachers around us while the class was gone helped me with my own independent responsibility towards work. I did fairly well with staying on task over that week there were definitely a couple blocks wasted on procrastination which is something I struggled with a lot last year but I am getting better!

Overall it was a really fun 10 days and I don’t regret not going on the trip!

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