Hey guys, it’s been a week meaning it’s time for another weekly reflection. This was the week where we finished our podcast and emailed them to our interviewee. This meant that we had to write show notes for our podcasts, create a transcript, and cite our sources so our podcast page looks professional.

Another thing we did this week was to critique each other’s podcasts. This meant that others in our class would listen to our podcast and give us feedback on what we can change to make our podcast better. We did multiple peer critiques this week and I’ve learned a lot about how important it is and how to make better podcasts.

When we were doing our first peer critique from our podcast, I learned that there are many things that I cant catch that other people can when reviewing my work. I didn’t realize the small things like my music was too loud at one point or a transition was too long. I learned that the more peer critique that you get, the smaller the issues are and the less that you need to change. Before, I didn’t really like peer critique and didn’t understand why it was so important. Now, I see the importance of peer critique and realize how important it is to make any bit of work great.

Another thing we had to do this week was our go deeper assignment. This week, we looked at who we thought would be a good person to put on the five-dollar bill. I thought that Terry fox should go on the five-dollar bill. This is because I think that Terry Fox is someone who has impacted Canada the most. Even with cancer, Terry fox was determined to complete his mission to run across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Even though he wasn’t able to complete his mission, he has inspired people around the world to run to raise money for Cancer. Terry fox has raised an estimate of $800 million for Cancer. This is why I think he deserves to be remembered and put on the 5 dollar bill.

Overall, I think that this week has been a great wrap-up for the project. I’ve learned a lot about critiquing other people’s work and being kind, specific, and helpful. Everything I’ve learned throughout this project is going to help me for our next project where we dive into more podcasting about world war 2.