The Consequences of Colonization

For this project we had to create a ArMaker video but before we could do this we had to learn about colonization and talk about that. For are first keystone/mini project we had to chose a group and with in that group you had to pick one of the many people that we effectived by this big change. They were Poor people, Rich people, fil da Roy, missionaries, and the first people.

For me I was assigned the role of missionaries. For this project my driving questions was, What was the role that the missionaries played during colonization. We had to talk about how the missionaries were effective and how they

To answer this I wrote

The missionaries played a vital role in European colonization, as they sought to “civilize” and Christianize Indigenous communities. Their presence often accompanied the arrival of European powers, and they were actively involved in breaking down traditional cultures and beliefs. While they may have brought some humanitarian aid, their underlying goal was often to convert and assimilate Indigenous peoples into European ways of life. This led to the wiping out of Indigenous cultures and the loss of traditional knowledge.

Some other things to say about the missionaries during colonization. They had a major role in spreading their home country’s religion to the newly colonized areas. They established churches, offered education and healthcare services. However, their actions were often met with resentment and suspicion by the locals, who saw them as representatives of the colonial powers. The role of missionaries in colonization was complex and controversial, as their actions frequently had unintended consequences for the people they sought to help.

Some of the effects from colonization that are have an impact now are the spread of Western religion and cultural values, displacement and oppression of indigenous cultures, economic exploitation, political domination, and the legacy of racism and discrimination. The actions of missionaries played a part in creating these effects and shaping the ongoing struggles for justice and decolonization in many regions of the world.

this is also what I said in the ArMaker video

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