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Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today’s theme is Vibrant Video! What does that mean? Well, keep reading and you might find out. Alongside Believe In Good, we’ve been taking on a Maker project entitled Vibrant Video. This project was all about films, the history of movies, and different filming techniques. 

We learned about the history of moviemaking and took some notes. Here are the ones I made:







For this project, we followed a pretty simple project path. There were different moviemaking skills we learned and made a short video to demonstrate each one. 

Skill 1: Think Like A Moviemaker

For this skill, we learned about putting clips together to tell a story and then enhance with a soundtrack. For this simple story, we introduced ourselves and talked about our favourite hobby or activity. We recorded establishing shots to set the scene. Another requirement was adding a photo with pan and zoom. Here is the video I made. You can hopefully tell that this is satirical, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to tell a good story with my actual life, so I like to make things up. 

Skill 2: Framing Shots and Developing Angles

This skill was all about how different shots and angles can enhance a story and mood. This video was a silent movie. I had actually been looking forward to this video, as both my older brothers have been in PLP and I had seen my brother’s video previously and I thought it was really good. A silent movie uses exaggerated angles and shots to tell a story instead of audio. In the beginning of filmmaking, they couldn’t get audio into the movie so either they’d use live actors, or would just have a silent movie. Here is the silent movie I created with my friends:

Skill 3: Planning and Shooting

An important aspect of moviemaking is having a plan for your shots. In this skill, we got into groups and made a tutorial video. I was in a group with Gwen and Sylas. Our tutorial was on how to properly eat chips. The process before shooting was writing a treatment and creating a storyboard. 

Skill 4: Making the Most of Effects

Something about movies that have always amazed me were special effects. Special effects can mean animation mixed with live action, green screen, and sound effects. For this skill we were put into small groups to create a short film that has various special effects. My group decided on a storyline of Noah learning to ride a bike and then getting hit by two cars and then turning into a zombie then getting shot 3 times. I think we executed our vision to perfection.

Thank you for reading my vibrant video blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. 



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