Atomic Habits

So today we are going to talking about the book called Atomic habits by James Clear 

The Start

He year ago I was reading and to understand a book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I remember I was confused when I was reading it, I could tell there were a lot of things that would be beneficial to practice, but at the same time I knew I would never stick to them, which I never really did. Oppsie

SO imagine my surprise, when I saw we would have another project focused on a book that has the word habits in the title. So anyways the point of this project was to remember key points from ‘The 7 Habits’ and learn from “Atomic Habits’ to answer the driving question: “How does balance in my life create opportunities?”. I began this project by being confusion because I think I missed the first day and nobody explained to me what we were doing. It took me a while to figure out everything and by that time the class had pretty much moved on. So not a great start. Anyways there were a few TED talk videos with this guy Shawn Achor as the presenter. The TED talk’s were a bit weird to me it took me along time for me to get it , and to be honest I only remembered a few important phrases and explanations. After this period, the most distinct part of this project were the different days associated with a different act / action. Exercise, Journaling, Meditation, Gratitude, and a Random Act of Kindness are all things we did on different days of the week. We would do these most days of every week, for about 2-3 weeks before PLP 10 left for Florida.

The Book  

Atomic Habits was  The 7 Habits, just in a more confusing form.

I say this because it’s split up into 4 individual sections, whereas I was less organized.  

“4 laws of behavioural change”.

  1. Make it obvious: utilize time and location cues to always remember to accomplish an habit.
  2. Make it attractive: positive-association with habits makes it more enjoyable to accomplish.
  3. Make it easy: The point is practice, not planning. Repetition is the best way to do this.
  4. Make it satisfying: It’s also important to celebrate and find reward after success, as a motivator. 

The steps are pretty self-explanatory. In comparison, here are the 7 habits:

  1. Be Proactive 
  2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. Put first things first
  4. Think Win-win
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the saw

The reason it failed was because of two reasons. I didn’t commit Florida. I simply didn’t give myself enough time, and I wasn’t specific enough in my plan. And the Florida trip just kind of came through and messed everything up, interrupting the reading schedule I had. 

Driving Question 

Anyways, for the driving question: “How does balance in my life create opportunities?”.  I think that there are two important, and very different parts in any work: what needs to get done, and how it’s going to get done, and I feel like its good to separate the two, or else they could get intertwined and it could get confusing. Some of the work I did on the 7 Habits and Atomic Habits became confusing to me after a while, maybe because the work I needed to get done was literally the process. But when you can balance these two properly, that is when you can use both the work and the process, to accomplish whatever you need to do, and things open for diffentt things in your life. 

Anyways guys thank you from this time just reading have a great day 

Florida Documentary

Hello everyone welcome back to another blog post this ones about what the whole main about going to Florida if you read the one before you know I went to Florida, but if your reading this for the first time I went to Florida. 

The start

So the start of the project was going over the start of Walt Disney and Disney land and world. At the start we made craft Documents called templates and we had to make a template about basically everything we learned at the start. I think one of the best parts of the start of this project was doing the book reading as a class we had to make fleeting notes about the little facts we heard and the important stuff as well. “LIFE” was the book name I highly recommend it if thou want to learn about Walt. I found that when I went to Disney world I new everything that Walt built and it just changed my aspect on Disney. Before we went to Florida we made are groups and picked the main thing we wanted to do, my group was all about Animatronics another group was about the cast members Im pretty sure. So obviously are main focus of are documentary is filming about talking about the very cool animatronics in Disney World. Of course we did not go to Florida just with nothing in are head, so my job was to get B-roll but there might have been a bit of a mistake on my part and the communication with my group, but I filmed maybe like half of my B-roll in hamburger style and not hotdog style so I could only send like half. But anyways are plan was to film literally all the animatronic but then bring it down to a couple of animatronics to talk about. In the video that you will see there are like old clips and Walt talking that was already planned before the trip took place. So there was a lot of planning going on but also it was easier to just film everything then put it all together. 


So there is not much stuff to talk about when we where is Florida because for me my whole mission was to film B-roll yes interviews or nothing just strictly B-roll of Animatronics. So animatronics if you don’t know are machines that can talk move and act like the specific thing but it is not, Im pretty sure that Walt was one of the first people that came up with the Animatronics and used them in the way that he used them. The start of the animatronics where the Enchanted Tiki room at animal kingdom, this was a idea because he was going to New Orleans and saw a talking bird in a cage and sparked the idea of making a dinner with Animatronic birds, but then Walt realized that the creation was to good for a dinner and bumped the price up 30 cents or whatever and made it a attraction. Then one of the more classics at the Park is the Haunted mansion at Magic Kingdom, this was the first time they used projected animatronics and made them sort of like an special Effect but felt like real life. At first we wanted to use the Haunted Mansion as a part of are Project, the the teacher said that it was not convenient to film in because of so dark and not really the animatronics that we where doing for are project. 

The video 



The main Idea   

So the main Idea in this project was Yes to film and talk about the animatronics but also to show how far Disney has came from the Tiki room being the best to then having a million dollar animatronic that you only saw for a couple of seconds. If you watch the video you will see at the start it is a montage of the start of the Disney castle from years to years, starting from the oldest to the youngest. Then there was certain sections will be talk to a different and animatronics from Lincoln to the baby Groot that is in creation. 

Thank you guys for watching and reading today hope you guys enjoyed.