The wonders of Christmas


Hi! I’m Declan, I’m a grade 8 student and this is my blog.

I Love holidays, I love the foods the music, the celebration and the coming together. my family celebrates pretty well known holidays and no uncommon holidays and so I dont have anything to share in that category. My favourite holiday has to be Christmas; I like Christmas because:

  1. Christmas music is the BEST. 
  2. Christmas food is the BEST
  3. The Christmas feel and atmosphere is the BEST
  4. Christmas presents are the BEST. And
  5. The anticipation around Christmas is crazy

Here is a picture that represents Christmas around my house and what Christmas is to me:

It shows some lights, a stocking, a present,  a Santa hat and a tree. This represents Christmas for me because it shows the light, warm feeling and celebratory gift.

In conclusion, I really like Christmas and everything it brings.

Thanks for reading and have a good day -Declan

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