How do shapes work?

What This Project is

I just presented for our latest project called the ultimate design challenge, it was about designing a 3D shape for maximum surface area or volume. Basically we made 3D models of shapes, measured their surface area and volume and compared our measurements.

The driving question for this project was “how can we design an object to optimize it’s shape” to answer this question we have to know what surface area and volume and how to measure them. In Milestone 2 we learned about the math behind measuring area and volume.

 The Core Competencies

Communicating and representing

I showed this competency in ways like talking to my group about possible shapes and how we could do them, and working with the group to present and show our work. This competency helped me express and help people understand the work

Reasoning and analyzing

I demonstrated this competency by shaping and changing my shape until I was satisfied with the product. I used this skill to measure and calculate the surface area and volume as well as making the ratio.

Applying and innovating

I showed this competency by discovering new things about shapes and trying different ways to think outside the box when it comes to optimizing shapes.

Over all I think this project helped me learn how shapes can be made for surface area or volume and how to show and measure this

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