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First Film

Hello again to the one or two people who read my blog. I’m back with another post, this time about, you guessed it, my latest project! This time, we learned about making a film, which was really interesting, considering I… Continue Reading →

Vibrant Video

Hello again, ‘tis I, Dylan. Today, I’ll be writing about another Maker project, Vibrant Video. In this project, we learned about moviemaking and how to storyboard. It intertwined well with our last Humanities project, A War to End All Wars,… Continue Reading →

“Get good!”

Hey all! It’s me, Dylan, once again, with another blog post. This time I’ll be talking about, shocker: my latest project in school! This one was in Maker. We learned about the 7 Habits, by Stephen Covey. The 7 Habits… Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination: Definitely not “yay”.

Hey there! It’s me. It’s this time of the year again… Destination Imagination. If you don’t remember, I did this fun little tournament around a year ago with my class. I also wrote a blog post about it, just like… Continue Reading →

Loon Lake Learning R̴̴e̴̴t̴̴r̴̴e̴̴a̴̴t̴ Advance

Hey all, It’s me again. Today, I’ll be writing about our latest PLP trip to Loon Lake! This trip started on Feb 14th, and lasted until Feb 17th. We called it an advance, because we never retreat! The trip started… Continue Reading →

User manual reflection

Reflection on user guide I learned that writing about myself is easier than I thought it would be (I don’t write about myself much). I enjoyed writing about myself as if I was a piece of technology, rather than a… Continue Reading →

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