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Time is Money

Hi, everyone, it’s me again. This time, I’ll be talking about our latest Scimatics project, “Time is Money”. In this project, we learned about calculating hourly wages, production costs, net earnings, and other things that would come in handy when… Continue Reading →

Meiosis Models

Hello, I’m back. This time, I’ll be talking about our latest project in Scimatics, Meiosis Models. In this project, we learned about meiosis, mitosis and cell division. We started this project by reviewing our knowledge of cell division from what… Continue Reading →

Chemistry Stories

Hi there! I’m back! In this post, I’ll be talking about my most recent project in Scimatics, called Chemistry Stories. This was a very anticipated project as I have always had a love for chemistry and have considered going into… Continue Reading →

Correlation vs. Causation

Hi there! It’s me again! Today, I’ll be writing about my latest Scimatics project, Correlation vs. Causation. In this project, we learned about, well, correlation and causation. The driving question for this project was “How are correlation and causation different?”…. Continue Reading →

Game of Exponent Laws

Howdy, I’m back. This Scimatics unit, we focused on learning about exponent laws. We had to make a game that revolved around exponent laws. Curricular Competencies: Communicating and Representing (represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms): Our game… Continue Reading →

Comic Cells

Hi again, ‘tis I, Dylan! This unit in Scimatics, we learned about cells and diseases. This unit, rather than having a diving question, we had a ‘big idea’, which was “Life processes are preformed at the cellular level”. We had… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Design Challenge

Hi again, fellow human beings. It’s me Dylan, who is also definitely a human. In this Scimatics unit, we learned about calculating surface area and volume and worked with a CAD (computer assisted design) program called Tinkercad. It is a… Continue Reading →

Chemistry Coding – Project Reflection

Hi again, everyone! (‘Everyone’ meaning my teachers, parents, and maybe my grandmother and/or grandfather). Today, I’ll be reflecting on our latest Scimatics project, Chemistry Coding. Last quarter, I had PLP classes in both the morning and the afternoon, so having… Continue Reading →

Laser Laws Blog Post

In this project (Laser Laws), the driving question was “How can we test the Pythagorean Theorem and the law of reflection?”. First of all, we learned about the Pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection and how they work. We… Continue Reading →

“Tectonic Chances” Blog Post

Hello everyone! It’s me again. In this unit in Scimatics, we looked at plate tectonics and probability. I learned quite a bit. I feel like we primarily focused on tectonics, but we did some cool things with probability too. We also… Continue Reading →

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