Humanities: Blue-Eyed Brutes in Horned Helmets and Other Tall Tales.

Alright, so after that title you are probably wondering what this project is, and I dont really know either. It started out with us learning about vikings, so from that the title makes more sense but then we quickly moved on to the age of exploration, oh yeah, and our teacher was away for more than half the project, (hope you’re better now), anyways I might as well actually do the blog post bit.

So, as i mentioned before we started off by learning about vikings, more specifically, the real vikings, not the Hollywood “blue-eyed brutes in horned helmets”1. 2, we learned about vikings culture and we made historically accurate character card, so here’s that:

After that we quickly moved on to the age of exploration, looking at what motivated global exploration, Gold Glory and God. people were looking for faster trade routes (gold) some explorers wanted fame for their travels and discoveries (glory) and the attempt to convert people to their religion (god) and the technology that enabled that. For the technology aspect I wrote this and made an image:

after that we learned about specific explorers and then we moved on to our final project, a story about an explorer, we had to try to make it under 200 words but I’m pretty sure it was pushed back to 300, which is good because, after revisions mine was at least 350 words, I made my story about a kid onboard Columbus’s voyage to America3after we made the stories we started work on the images to accompany the story, I made mine primarily using pixel art, except for the cover image which took far too long, anyways all the images together took around ~4 ish hours of work, so that was my weekend. anyways after the images and the story were done we put them together into this book, and that wrapped up out project.

the book.

Anyways before I end this post here’s an image that i took and edited, i think it was just a time filler to be honest but it dosent really matter.

It’s supposed to be from the perspective of an explorer going towards the far island, I removed the dock and houses and made the water look like ocean.4


Anyways that’s my blog post, I hope you enjoyed.

  1. Now you see where the title is from
  2. Also vikings didn’t wear horned helmets
  3. yes I know that its not likely that someone aged 13-16 could have been able to write but hey, creative liberties were taken
  4. Just a side note, no explorer in their right mind would have ended up where the photo was, its near the end of the Burrard inlet, shielded from the open ocean by Vancouver island. On the opposite side of North America as the first explorations

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