Science: Small but mighty

Alright, so, another blog post, this one, however is for science which, because of the semester system I only started a month or so ago,1 anyways in that time we have grown possibly dangerous amounts of bacteria, personified the cells of our immune system and made a poster featuring only the finest art by first graders.

Anyways, here we go, from the beginning.

So, leading up to keystone 1, we started by learning about what cells even are, so that was a lot of time looking at random things under the microscope,
then we were set free to roam over school and told to swab a surface(or two). We placed these samples inside of a dish, and sealed them up with a hope and a wish, To grow some cultures, and see what we’d miss, Would there be bacteria, or maybe some mold? Or something more exciting, yet to be told?

Okay, enough rhyming,2 so we waited around a week and let the bacteria grow, and at the end, well, a picture is worth a thousand words!3

apologies for the bad photos, the conditions were… far from ideal and I was a tad rushed4

anyways after the bacteria were sent off the be burnt to death5 we moved on, and started discussing the immune system and how we actually defend against these pathogens6, after leaning about all the different actors at play, we then set out on developing a personality and an illustration of them7 and put it all together into this

this might be a good time to mention that we now were being taught by a sub, as ms kadi went to Florida with PLP 108, so just putting that out there, anyways, we moved on to bias and misinformation and talked about various myths about vaccines, then made a infographic9, to educate “the public”10 about that myth, so here’s that thing:

Infographic made by Finn and Quin

after that we quickly11 moved on to the public heath poster. I don’t have much to say about this, we basically had to make a poster for kids teaching them about heath, oh yeah, and we had to include their art, which was… questionable at best anyways after a few days of work I came up with this:

a truly beautiful piece of art.

anyways that wraps up this post, ill see you in my next obligatory unpaid writing job.

  1. Yes the same semester system that made us choose out electives for grade 9 before we even finished one elective, I thought the point of the rotation was so we could try things out before we chose them
  2. he said with a tone as sincere as this message
  3. I still think a thousand words can paint a more vivid and compelling mental image than any real photograph
  4. I really think we need a better alternative to the school bell, its way too jarring of a sound, especially in the mornings
  5. fun. right?
  6. Usually in more… reasonable amounts
  7. They all look like blobs, it is really hard to make them look unique
  8. I think
  9. Insert snarky comment here
  10. Let’s be honest, no one is going to ever see it
  11. there really wasn’t much of a transition, its was more like, finish infographic-start poster

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