Take your kids to Work day.

Around a week ago it was Take Your kids to Work day, a national event where students follow their parents (or a family friend) to work.

I ended up going with my mom who is an acupuncturist, on the day she was working at restoration health clinic in lynn valley, we left the house around 8:55 and arrived around 9:10. the first thing she did was unpack the sheets for the tables, then I printed out a copy of her patient shedule for the day. after that I helped her set up the two rooms she would be using for her first patients who would be arriving at 9:30 and 10:00 respectively.

When her first patients started to arrive, I checked them in on her schedule, it was around this point I realized filming would be a bit of a problem, there were people everywhere so there wasn’t a lot I could film for patient privacy reasons, as a result, most of the shots I got were from before people started showing up, and after the last treatments.

In the times between when I checked in the patients and when they left and I billed them, I did a few different things, I ended up spending most of the time in the staff room and while I was there in the morning, I did some payments for my mom, after that I started doing some bookkeeping for her.
Around 12:30 there wasn’t any patients arriving for a bit so I got an interview with the office manager, which took some stress away as that had been the main thing I was worrying about for the day.

We ended up going out for lunch at 1:00, the we went to the bank and were back by 1:45.
Once we got back I finished the bookkeeping and started doing some work on my mom’s website, as there were some problems with it, such as it using mid 2000s social media Icons that might have been older than me. The site was built with wordpress and a custom theme, trying to edit the theme only made me dislike wordpress even more, PHP as well, the nature of the theme meant I couldn’t really change much of the actual content, so I did what I could with styling.
Sidenote 1, I really wish we could add custom plugins and themes, we can already run any vanilla javascript we want on our blogs, I cant see why letting us use custom themes and plugins is that much of a leap, unless its a problem on EduBlogs side. either way, wordpress is kinda inconvenient, I do have some ideas though, so, stay tuned.
Sidenote 2, while looking through the theme I saw that it used the sidebar widget fields for the top menu bar and I cant tell if this is actually a smart idea or not, what do you think?

The changes website ended up taking up the rest of the day, forgetting to save and losing 45 mins of work didn’t help either, and I left around 5:45, as I had a class I had to get to, otherwise, I would have left at 6:15 otherwise.

Overall, the day was alright, but a bit boring, especially since I couldn’t watch any of the treatments, If anything Id say the most interesting thing I learned was how to do my mom’s bookkeeping, which might actually come in handy later, who knows though.
To end off this post, you can watch the video I made! its not very exiting, but id say its a good reflection on how my day went.

The video.

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