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I will be talking about a mini computer called the Raspberry pi. It is used to make robot modules. A module is a tiny PC that controls certain things that you want to do. Another thing it can do is work as a emulator. An emulator can play old, retro video games and on top of that you can use it as a normal daily PC. It is very tiny so you can take it to a hotel and plug it in on your trips when you can’t take your personal computer. It is difficult for beginners, but once you understand circuitry is easier the more times you do it, you might fail but it is only $10 so it’s not a big investment so I recommend it to anybody who likes computers or does not. I really enjoy Raspberry pi because I can make things and I like to make certain things with computers, I will use Raspberry pi a lot for projects I am going to do such as an automatic door opener and closer as I lock my door when I am in my room. The door unlocks through voice command, this is an example of what you can do with a Raspberry pi. Another project I made with my Raspberry pi was that I built a robot that battled against another robot. Another thing you can do with a Raspberry pi is you can make a module for soft top cars. The pi can make the soft top go up easier through voice command. You can make your own custom Siri and you can make your own cloud where you store a bunch of data. I really like Raspberry pi because it is cheap and affordable and available to anybody. You can make a lot of projects if you’re into computers or use computers. I recommend this product for home use and work use. Raspberry pi can be used for various things that you want to do like retro gaming, such as games from your childhood. For people who have never played retro video games you are now able to play those games. Raspberry pi can help you throughout your every day life to make your life just a bit easier

Star Wars

I got into Star Wars because of my dad. My dad and I watched a New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Jedi Returns. I really liked watching these movies with him and the bonding experience we had together. After watching these movies my dad would get me a lightsaber and one for himself and together we would play fight. When I was ten me and my dad built lego sets,  it was fun at the time and on Christmas Day we build a bunch of sets, we have so much fun building it up together.

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