This blog post is about colonization project most of the project I did about indigenous people. How indigenous people are taking advantage of by the British and the French. They took the land and kill indigenous people with the disease so less population for the indigenous people so that means the indigenous people couldn’t procreate … [Read more…]

Science video game

I’ve never made a video game before this project. It was interesting, building a video game in scratch and making it Science related. It’s interesting to me because building a video game is something that is difficult and in the timeframe we had other peoples games were really good and interesting to play. We critiqued … [Read more…]

Small but mighty

 Small but he was a project that we worked in science on and it was about pathogens. We learned what a pathogen was, and why it was important. We learned what a pathogen does. In this project, we learned what the body does to stop bad pathogens to hurt our body, or to get a … [Read more…]


This is my mid-year presentation it’s about how my progression though the mid-year. teachers assess progress and plan for the future. I will be talking about my projects, topics, concepts and skills. I was assign projects to in maker and humanities. The project I like the most are the maker projects like the Avatar boxes … [Read more…]

Triptych in the Renaissance

New ideas in renaissance changed the renaissance world The Renaissance was a period of great change, resulting in advances in humanism, science, technology, philosophy, economics, finance, politics, art and literature. This revolution had a profound impact on the Western world, with new ideas and ways of thinking leading to a period of creativity and understanding. … [Read more…]

book creator

Book creator is an app that helps make a book about what you you want to make. I put a picture of my drawing to show what I have done in maker class.

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was fun to learn about in class because we could learn about a system that we would never live in and we could learn about what happened during that time and what historical events happened that were useful to know. We Learned about the crusades the crusades were about Christianity trying to … [Read more…]

What we do in PLP

This is a silhouette I made it with markup and photos. I edited the photo to make it just have my silhouette in doing this I learned how to use a lot of different settings in Photo this is useful because if I ever need to use contrast in photos I know how to do … [Read more…]

Raspberry pi

Welcome to my blog  I will be talking about a mini computer called the Raspberry pi. It is used to make robot modules. A module is a tiny PC that controls certain things that you want to do. Another thing it can do is work as a emulator. An emulator can play old, retro video games … [Read more…]


Hello it’s me, Gino, welcome back to my blog. This is my WordPack, I have words that relate to me. I said kickboxing because I am a kick-boxer, I like to do tournaments which I compete in. PLP is a performance learning program that requires students to use their iPads. Using IPads we are able … [Read more…]