This is my mid-year presentation it’s about how my progression though the mid-year. teachers assess progress and plan for the future. I will be talking about my projects, topics, concepts and skills.

I was assign projects to in maker and humanities. The project I like the most are the maker projects like the Avatar boxes we built. Avatar boxes were supposed to represent the room that we were in my room was was in the library. I was in the everything but blue room. The other room was the golden room. We had a box that we filled stuff from the avatar and themed it like the avatar to explain what we did in our box.  this was my first exhibition. It was very interesting doing an exhibition because I’ve never done an exhibition before it sparked a lot of creativity for me. Another project is called the book creator is an app that you create a book. The book we had to create was a bunch of drawings we’ve done in class. It was very interesting using an app that I’ve never used before and using Book Creator. I will probably use it in the future for PLP. For humanities, we learned ages middle ages is very interesting to me cause I’ve never learned about it before it was interesting seeing a time that I would’ve never experienced or that any of my family members but love never experienced. It was interesting to see what the Middle Ages would’ve looked like if we were in it, and what it was. The most recent project I did was on radical in novations. This project was about how the innovations during the time of the renaissance we need a triptych to show what inventions that we wanted to discuss the most. It was very interesting doing this project. I’ve never done a project like it and I’ve never made a triptych before. I find PLP that we can be more creative in projects. All of my projects I try to create something I will be proud of. Performance learning programs or PLP offer students the opportunity to maximize their potential. teach them to use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to their best advantage. I think its true because my project has been getting better and better  this is my learning plane plan is supposed to help me for myself  to make my learning better and more efficient for myself. You can read my learning plan. It’s on the bottom of my blog.

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