How My Learning Advanced, On a Learning Advance

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! A few weeks ago I went on a learning advance with my class. I learnt and grew a lot, this is how it went! I created a book, which you can check out below. I kept track of everything we did, and achieved over the 4 days we spent there! I had so much fun on this trip, I cant wait to show you what I did.


For the learning advance we went to Loon Lake. This was our chance to grow as learners, and work in environments that we weren’t used too. We learnt inside, outside, and even on the lake! I met some amazing people, and grew relationships with friends I already had. 

I kept some photos along the way! It was fun being able to capture moments, and share them with people that didn’t go on the advance with us. During free time, i liked to go sit outside and take photos of nature! I also got photos of people I met, food I ate, the cabins we slept in, and so much more. 


On this learning advance I grew in so many ways. My understanding of nature, my presentation skills, my communication with others, meeting new people, working in different environments, and accepting change. So many things Im not used to doing. 

We got put into cabins with people we were not used too. We didn’t spend a lot of time in our cabins, but when we did, we were surrounded with so many new people that we may have not gotten to know. We had to create a plan on what time we would wake up, what time we went to sleep, who showered in the morning, and general stuff that we had to decide. Some of these decisions were not easy to come to a consensus with, but it was very rewarding when we did. 

Sometimes the way we learnt changed. When we were back at school, we did Destination Imagination in quiet, small classes. But when we were at loon lake, we had to work in big classrooms. Accepting change in the way we learnt was not easy, but Im glad that I was able to experience so many new ways. Im also proud of the amount of work that our DI team got done in places like that, with so many distractions. 

In the future, I would like to be more open with peoples ideas when it came to decision making. Im looking forward to the future field study’s we do! 

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope to see you again soon. Bye for now!

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