UPC Press Release

Who Are We?

We are the United Party of Canada. It is our mission to unite Canada under a common set of beliefs and goals which will drive us as a nation to do better and thrive together.

Statement of Intent

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What Makes Us Unique?

We are the only party which will to enact radical positive change through strict laws and regulations. This will help Canadians become healthier and happier people. Not only do we talk about the current issues, we address them. We have a systematic approach to the problems we face which allows for great changes and for the financing of those changes within our fiscal restrains.  We will also tax (to the point of unprofitability) the oil industry and emissions in order to move Canada into a new, better direction.

Why Vote for Us?

Are you part of the 99% of Canadians who are not benefiting off of the current system?

We will reverse the current transfer of wealth from poor to rich.

We will close the gaps and loopholes within our laws allowing the top earners not to pay taxes in Canada.

We will make alternative energy and environmentally friendly solutions cheaper than environmentally harmful methods.

We will support education regardless or the socioeconomic status and age of the student and will incentivize study programs which support the environmental change.

We will provide stable affordable housing for everyone in need.

By voting for us, you are voting for a party which has a plan to create a better future in the long term, not just short term unchecked growth.

We can no longer exploit our environments and our people in order to create short term growth. We need to have stable jobs with which people will be able to afford good lives. Good wages, affordable and stable housing, great public transit, and free post secondary education.

How Does This Relate to: Why Democracy

In Why Democracy I discussed that the democratic process was inefficient and slow and how an authoritarian system might fix that. I then debunked myself on it because when someone, or a small group of people have unchecked power, they will abuse it, it’s only a matter of time.

This relates to How Democracy because in Why Democracy I found a problem with our government and with this political party me and my party have a way to solve this problem.

My Personal Thoughts on My Political Party

(Outside of press release)

The policies of my political party (the party I am part of) are mostly compromises between the more authoritarian and the less authoritarian side. All the members of the party are on the political left.

For example, about half of our party find it great if we would have a points system and a lot of surveillance so that people who do good things for the community and the nation get benefits while those who do things such as litter or drive* get the consequences.                                                                                                                               *Within reason

While the idea is good and would most likely lead to a good outcome, the more liberal part of our party says that that infringes on peoples rights.

Another example is hereditary diseases. I’d rather that people who have hereditary diseases must adopt in order to eradicate hereditary diseases within our population. This would lead to a better quality of life for everyone because we wouldn’t have people suffering from these horrible sicknesses.

While the ideas would lead to a betterment of life, we must respect the process with which our policies are made and the opinions of our comrades.

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