New Century, New Intepretation

It’s interesting to see how widespread throughout society the works of Shakespeare have become.

I am ✨Juliet✨

In this project, we read Romeo and Juliet and compared it to different film adaptations which were produced over the last millennium. It was a great way to see how the different times and places made the media so individual while still telling exactly the same story.

In our rendition, I play a mobster and Juliet. The filming of the video was lots of fun despite the freezing weather and our not so insulating costumes. The results were definitely worth it. I’ve gotta thank Jordan for his great editing and screenplay. I had been sick during the making of the screenplay and did quite a bit of the project on my own due to isolation.

I think the biggest lesson I had learned from that projects were the core ideas displayed in Romeo and Juliet and how they could be transcribed into different concepts while still carrying the original ideas.

But why did we learn about Shakespeare in the first place? Why is it relevant? 

The ideas and lessons which were portrayed and taught in Shakespeare plays are such foundational elements in human nature that they will continue to be relevant until the extinction of the modern human race. Everyone feels things such as love, hate, pride, passion, and envy, and people will have those feelings forever.

You can use the concepts described and shown in Shakespearean literature to understand very many phenomenons and events, such as the formation and escalation of conflicts. I found that it connected a lot to the act in this video.

All in all, this was a good project with a fun read and had a lot of interesting ideas, especially when you let your imagination flow. Shakespeare’s idiosyncrasy lead to plays which many regard as important and remarkable. I think that they’re good, but they’re unique to their time and style, and are not the best, nor the worst. But they have one attribute which you can’t deny, they are influential. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed this thought provoking project.

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