Radical Innovations

Nowadays we take most of the things we have for granted but have you ever wondered how these inventions did these inventions change the world, well if you have then this essay is for you.

Many different ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world, one of them is the printing press. This invention not only was a more efficient way of writing things but it also helped spread ideas like Martin Luthers thesis about why indulgenses are wrong which spread like wild fire thanks to the printing press and would lead to the creation of a branch of Christianity called Protestantism. So in short the printing press helped spread ideas which expanded peoples world views, so I would argue that this changed the world.

Another idea is the mechanical clock. This helped people accurately tell time which was possible before this but it wasn’t to this extent. Before the mechanical clock people used things like sundials which only worked at night and weren’t completely accurate but thanks to the mechanical clock they were able to accurately tell the time whenever they wanted. Basically this invention helped people accurately tell time whenever they pleased in the comfort of their homes.

The third invention I’d argue changed the world would be the telescope, this invention may not be an everyday thing to use but it certainly is pretty damn important. Before it the only way to look at space and learn things about it would be just to look up at night which only let people see stars and the moon and doesn’t allow for exploration of space at all. But after the telescope was invented people were able to finally start exploring the wonders of space and allowed us to start making more questions which could either be a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask but there is not doubt that that isn’t a massive change so I would say that the telescope did change the world.

The next thing I’d like to talk about isn’t an invention but more of a innovation and that innovation is art in the Rennesaince. This may sound weird because it doesn’t really sound like it changed the world but hear me out. Art before the Rennesaince wasn’t bad but the problem with it is that it was always the same things and it was way to repetitive, it was always a religious painting with a lot in common with the rest of them, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but after a long time it got old. Thanks to art in the Rennesaince people were able to paint whatever they wanted because normally they did it for the church but now they were doing it either for themselves or for money so now they were able to paint things like regular people like the Mona Lisa and many others or basically anything they thought of. I would say that this changed the world because thanks to it people were able to finally express themselves in their art for the first time in hundreds of years.

Finally the last invention I’d like to talk about is the lense. This invention was not only important for eyesight but also crucial for telescopes. Thanks to the lense many people which were previously basically blind were able to see for the first time in years and the lifespan of the average person’s sight extended a considerable amount. Previously this wasn’t possible and if you couldn’t see you were screwed for life but thanks to the lense this was no longer a problem. So all in all I say that it changed the world because it allowed people to see for way longer than they previously could.

Tho the ideas in the Rennesaince changed there world they are nothing compared to the ones in the present.

The first of these which I will talk about is the printer. Before the printer people used the printing press which helped spread ideas but nowadays with printers you can easily print 1000 pages in an hour which you can use to easily spread ideas way further than you did before because now you can reacher a way bigger audience. I would say that this this invention definetly changed the world because now we can reach a way bigger audience and do so without spending that much time.

The next invention I’d like to talk about is the telescope. I already talked about this previously but now I will talk about the current version of it. Previously you could only look at a few planets in the Milky Way but now telescopes have gotten so advanced that we can now look at other universes and explore space without even going there. This definetly changed the world because now anyone can finally can learn about space without even moving and anyone can see way more than the greatest scientists could back in the Rennesaince. All in all this definetly changed the world.

The third invention I’d like to talk about is paintings nowadays. While paintings in the Rennesaince were pretty good and out of the ordinary compared to the ones that came before them they are nothing compared to paintings nowadays. Nowadays anything is considered art, even a banana taped to a wall (this is an actual art piece which was sold for 120,000$). In my opinion this certainly changed the world because now we can express ourselves more than ever be it for good or for bad.

The fourth and last invention I’d like to talk about is glasses. While these were invented in the Rennesaince they have improved inmensly over the years. In the past glasses only slightly amplified your sight to read but nowadays they inmensly amplify your sight and are custom made depending on your eyes and if you have a condition. Thanks to this we can actually remain with out sight intact for many more years than we previously could and I would say that that changed the world.

While they weren’t as good as the ones that came after them traditional ideas were still good and were revolutionary in those times. First Ill start with sun dials. Sun dials were extremely important for people in those times. They previously only had inventions which weren’t that accurate until it was invented. When it came it was one of the only ways to tell time so I would say it did change the world because it allowed people to accurately tell time.

Next up we have ink and feather. While not as revolutionary as sun dials they were still pretty important for the time. They helped people write things down in a way that may be slow but still efficient it also helped people spread their ideas, maybe not as much as the printing press or the printer but it still really helped. I would say that in total it did change the world back then because before it they didn’t have many more ways to spread their ideas and this helped them do it.

Finally we have religious art. This art didn’t change much but it helped people share their views on religion and it also helped the church spread even more because people would come to churches just to see the art. All in all I say that it changed the world because it spread catholism and it really helped it become the powerhouse it is today.

In conclusion Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by making life much easier for us, by helping us express ourselves and create things that are out of the ordinary, by making life easier and finally by helping us discover thousands of new things and encouraging us to discover even more because of how easy it is to do so.

What did I learn?

After doing all of this I’ve learned many things but the most important of which is the following. The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that you need to be persistent. When I first started this essay I did not know what to write and it to me a while to get started. After a while i realized that my work wasn’t at my standard so I did it again. This happened multiple times until I was finally proud of my work. In conclusion being persistent has helped me multiple times to face many different challenges and this is one of those which has once again proved that you should never give up.






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