Making Interesting Images

Reflection: You might use a still image to express an emotion and you can do that by adding softer Color’s to make it joyful or happy or you could make

Reflection blogging process

I think the blogging process went amazing because I was able to write down a lot with a lot of detail and I was able to do this because I

All you need to know about Batman

The year was 2021 I was 12 at the time and had just arrived to Canada coming from Chile. Everything was pretty good except for one thing I had to

Soccer: Why it matters to me

I first got into soccer when I was about 3 years old because my grandfather taught me about it. He liked a Spanish team called Barcelona and we watched all

Who am I as a PLP learner?

The User Manual shows different aspects of my personality and it shows them as settings. Another thing it does is shows how to fix some issues that may happen between

About me

Hi Im Julian. I love going to water parks, theme parks or anything that causes a feeling of thrill. I enjoy playing soccer even though Im not amazing at it,