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The year was 2021 I was 12 at the time and had just arrived to Canada coming from Chile. Everything was pretty good except for one thing I had to quarantine for 2 weeks. It was extremely boring and I didn’t know what to do so I did what any other 12 year old would do, play video games and watch YouTube 24/7. But after a few days even that started to get boring. I still continued to do that until one day I found a video in my recommended about a game called Batman Arkham Knight. I had never been a very big Dc fan and I had always been more into Marvel but the thumbnail looked cool so I clicked the video and started watching it. I don’t remember it that well but what I do remember is that because of that game I watched more and more videos about the game until one day I asked my mom if I could buy it and she accepted. This same day I played for what felt for 30 min but my mom said that I had been playing for about 6 hours and I hadn’t even noticed, so I immediately stopped and checked the time, she was right. The next day I continued playing the game where I left off and once again played for many hours without noticing. This happened many days in a row until I had finishing the game. The story was so good that I had to see more of Batman, I loved his suit, his personality, his villains. The day finally came and I could finally leave the apartment I was trapped in so we went out with my uncle. I told him about the game and turns out he was a huge batman fan and he told me that there was two other games in the series and that there was also many batman movies that were really good. After this encounter I watched all the batman movies I could find and they didn’t disappoint, in fact they are some of my favorite movies of all time specially The Dark knight. For Christmas I asked for a bunch of Batman Funko’s and other batman themed things (because I have a collection) and I got exactly that and more. I got 4 batman Funko’s and the two remaining batman games, I was so excited that the moment I got the games I started playing one of them. A few months passed and I had become a massive Batman fan, I had the movies in dvd, I had all the Arkham games and I had a huge collection of Batman Funko’s.

I like Batman for many different reasons. The main thing is his villains. This may sound weird because people normally like a the character in question not his villains and I do to but hear me out. Each batman villain challenges a different aspect of his personality. Scarecrow challenges his fear (because a big part of the batman character is that he causes fear in criminals). Riddler challenges his intelligence (because batman is smart and is supposed to be the worlds greatest detective). Deathstroke challenges his fighting abilities (because batman is a really good fighter and that is a big part of his character). But the best of all is joker because he is the exact opposite of batman, Batman is seen as a serious character while joker is always acting goofy and is never serious, Batman wears very dark colours, while joker wears very bright colours, Batman never kills while that is an everyday thing for Joker. Another reason why I like Batman is his suits. Batman has been a character for a long time so there have been many different suits and different versions of batman. But even thought he has been around for a long time his suits always manage to look awesome and they don’t just do that, they also fulfill different purposes. For example Batman beyond’s suit is way different than regular Batman’s suit because that suit is made to fight threats from the future. Batman Beyond’s suit gives him super strength, speed and more because that is what’s needed for the future, regular Batman’s suit doesn’t have that one because he doesn’t need it against who he fights with. Another example is the suit from Batman vs Superman which has stronger armor and also includes weapons made of kryptonite because that is what he needs to kill superman, with the regular suit batman would get destroyed with ease by superman in the first second and this movie would have lasted less than a minute. As you can see all these suits don’t just exist to look cool, they also have a purpose. The third reason why I like batman is his lack of powers, this may sound like a weakness to you but that is exactly what he wants you to think. Most villains see batman as someone weak because he doesn’t have any superpowers so they go easy on him but then batman takes advantage of that and destroys them. It is really fun to see all the destroys the enemies that are stronger than him because he is so smart that he uses creative ways to defeat them. For example in Arkham city he destroyed the generators that powered Solomon Grundy using his explosive gel, that exposed his heart and he destroyed it (literally) by punching it. Another thing he did was punching banes mask and that ripped his masks tubes out (those tubes give him the drug that makes him strong), that caused bane to become weak and batman took advantage of that and beat him up. 

I mostly play batman games. One them is called Batman Arkham Knight and it consists on Batman trying to save Gotham from Scarecrows fear gas which causes as the name clearly says people to see their worst fears. This game is surprisingly good having a incredible story with many twists and turns (which I will not spoil because they are pretty good), amazing characters with good designs, backstory’s and personalities and really fun gameplay. What I like the most about this game is the gameplay, once you start attacking enemies there is like a flow which you can’t find in any other game and it isn’t just pressing one button, you also have to counter attacks, throw bats ranges at enemies that are charging at you and use many different gadgets to attack different types of enemies. Another really cool part of the game is the bat mobile, for some it may be repetitive but in my opinion driving a car that throws missiles and transforms into a freaking tank can never get boring, its also great to go in max speed stopping criminals from escaping. The last part I want to talk about is the feeling this game causes. You get to feel like you are Batman, you hide and stealthily bring down all the enemies one by one, you get to glide through the skies in your batglider and you get to watch the enemies from the buildings and plan your attacks (which you will eventually understand if you play the game). This game doesn’t feel like a video game, it feels like you are the batman. Another batman related game I play is Injustice 2, which isn’t only a batman game but a dc game. This game is not like the other one, instead it is a fighting game similar to games like Mortal Kombat or Street fighter, the differece is here you fight as characters from the dc universe. The story is basically is that Joker killed Lois Lane and superman’s unborn child so superman got pissed off and killed Joker. The rest of the game is about batman and superman fighting because batman thinks killing is wrong and superman thinks that its what they should do and all the dc characters pick different sides. This game may sound kind of generic with the fighting game stuff but it differs from the rest because you can basically make your own version of your favorite dc character, you can do that by getting parts of different suits and combining them, the only issue is that you can only use some of them if you are a certain level but leveling up isn’t that hard. I think this game is pretty fun because it has a great story mode with at least 10 hours of content with some really good twists (I know I already said that in the last game but this game also does that so shut up) and some good gameplay. The story isn’t the best because it gets kind of predictable later in the game but where it really shines is character customization and gameplay. The last batman related thing I do is watch his movies which are some of my favourites of all time. One of them is The Dark Knight which is my favorite movie of all time, its so good I don’t even want to spoil it but Ill tell you the premise. Basically Batman faces a new enemy, the joker and needs to stop him from committing crimes along with commissioner Gordon and Harvey dent. This movie is very good mainly because of how realistic it felt more, most of the things that happen in this movie could actually happen in real life like joker blowing up a hospital. The performances felt real, you could feel the fear in people’s faces when they saw the joker, the joker actually looked like he was out of his mind and batman actually acted like a real detective. 

Batman story begins in Gotham in the year 1981. It was a rainy night and the Waynes had just watched a movie and were leaving. They saw that there was a alleyway so they went through there when suddenly someone with a gun threatens to kill them if they didn’t give him money. Thomas Wayne tried to talk to him but the man still shot him, he did the same to his wife and he left Bruce an orphan who had just seen his parents get murdered, would forever change his life. The police arrived to the scene and Bruce told them what happened, Commisoner Gordon conssoled Bruce and promised him that he would catch him. Later that day Bruce went to his mansion and was completely alone except for his butler Alfred who after a while became his father figure. Later in his life Bruce trained with Ra’ al ghul to avenge his father, thanks to this Bruce became a great detective and fighter. After training batman gets the idea to scare criminals with a batsuit because when he was a small child that was his worst fear. Years later Bruce would track down his parents killer who was called Joe Chill but didn’t kill him because he didn’t want anyone to feel how he felt when his parents died. Many years passed and batman became a great vigilante defeating many enemies but he needed someone to help him in the fight against crime and that someone was Dick Grayson. Batman and Dick develop a relationship like father and son but after a while dick leaves batman to become his own hero and just like that Nightwing is born (this is only one version of the story, there are many different ones). After this Batman is all alone and once again is in need of a sidekick, this time he found his sidekick because he was stealing his tire, so batman decided to put him under his wing and fight the criminals of Gotham with his new Robin, Jason Todd. Jason and Batman are a great pair and they stop many criminals together. Until one day Jason decides to stop the Joker on his own but it turns out that it was a trap set by the Joker. Batman tries to save him but its too late, Joker had already killed him with a crowbar. His death remained permanent with many years and most people thought that it was permanent but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Years later batman fights a new enemy called the Red Hood and he is a very strong fighter and kills many people, batman struggles to defeat him for quite some time until one night he beats him in combat and discovers that the red hood is… Jason Todd! Batman can’t believe it and its revealed that Thalia al ghul revived him in the Lazra’s Pit. Jason stays as the Red Hood and Batman doesn’t stop him for some reason and they both part ways. For the third time around Batman is alone so once again he is forced to find a new sidekick and the new robin is Tim Drake who found batman instead of batman finding him and is the first to find out on his own who batman is. The story repeats itself and there is a fourth and last robin (for now) called Damian Wayne, he is Batman’s son who batman didn’t know about until he was 7 years old. Damian was raised by Talia al ghul (ra’s daughter) and he was trained by the league of assassins, the same ones who trained batman. Finally batman trains Damian even more and teaches him that killing is wrong and just like that Damian Wayne becomes the fourth and last Robin (for now). When Damian was 12 he died after being killed by a clone of himself and for the final time batman stays alone.

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