Destination: Imagination!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! This post will be an introduction to what Destination Imagination is and everything we are doing in it this year.

first of all, what in the heck is destination imagination? Destination imagination is a yearly event that includes multiple different groups, all with different topics, where students have to create something (that something depends on the group they are in). That thing is then presented to a group of judges and the end goal is to beat the other schools.


the group I am in is called “up close”, and is based on microscopy. The something that my group had to create and present was a play acted out by us. It had to be set in a micro-world, and there had to be a mysterious object of some sort that appeared at any moment during the play. We also had a budget of 150 dollars to spend on props, costumes and other what nots.

unfortunately, I am not aloud to tell anything in this blog post about our ideas or script, due to the rule of DI that states “if an idea is shown to a different team/group, that idea is now unusable”.

The next part of DI is instant challenges. Instant challenges are challenges where you have limited time to build/create something in a certain amount of time with specific resources. I can’t find any photos of instant challenges, so see you next time!


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