Grade 9 here I come

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”I made this presentation around 7 minutes long to summarize my PLP learning this second semester and answer the driving question “why do I feel like I’m ready to advance to grade 9.” In this presentation I will first talk about my Humanities class and say the project that I did the best in and learned the most in and what my work habits and work ethic, next to my Scimatics class with Mr. Gross and say what project I excelled in and learned the most in and also my work habits and work ethic. Next, I will talk about my driving question and answer it. Later I will talk about my improvement areas and a reflection on my learning. Finally, I will say my conclusion.

Humanities. In this class, I had Ms. Maxwell, Mr. C and sometimes Ms. Willemse and Mr. Hughes. The project that I would say I learned the most in would probably be The Renaissance. I learned the most in this project because I just loved all this information and for some reason, I liked learning about the problem of sewage and toilets during the renaissance. (I learned about this because it was the topic I chose). I had no idea that sewage created so many decease back then. But with a couple of youtube videos and Wikipedia reading, I learned so much. I wouldn’t say I’ll need this information about toilets in my life as growing up but it could help with a job for vaccine fabrication or the skills to soak up information and knowledge. My work habits and work ethic. I would say I work more in Humanities than Scimatics because in Humanities there’s more work whereas for Scimatics there isn’t as much and it is like one class per assignment. So I would say in Humanities my work ethic is way better so that I won’t have any homework. For work ethic, I would say I get all my work done and then either work on something else or talk to someone.

This assignment from the renaissance was titled a tryptich. We used this learn the rule of thirds and to show something new and old for example old toilet and new toilet as well as old Mona Lisa and a new one made out of peanut butter and jam.

Scimatics. My only teacher for Scimatics is Mr. Gross while the other Scimatics class has Mr. Harris. The project I would say that I learned the most would be Chemistry coding. For example, I had no idea about the coding website we used so I learned so much about how to use this website. So not only did I learn about chemistry but I learned about probability a new website and coding. In chemistry, we learned about all the different states of matter and some different elements. In probability we just learned basic probability math there isn’t too much to say about that. As for the website I learned how to code and make an interesting game. My work habits and work ethic. As I said before we get more work in humanities than in Scimatics. So I would say my habits are to get out work then talk or get other work done like my French then do some Scimatics work the talk then more schematics work then more other work and finally one last Scimatics push. I would say every Scimatics class ends up like this. As for work ethic, I get all my work done in the class it is handed out so I would say my work ethic is pretty good.

In this assignment in scimatics we had to find three substances of the periodic table and list model type electrons and atom and molecule type. We also had to draw a diagram that showed all the molecules and atoms. The only rule is that we did three different models. The three substances I did was hydrogen twice and astatine.

The driving question. Is why I think I should got to the next grade level? I will answer that question briefly and then in-depth. Briefly. I think I should go to grade 9 because I’m getting all B’s and A’s. In-depth. Here’s my answer to this driving question without using a grade. I think that I should move to grade 9 because I get all my work done to the best of my ability for example when I finish an assignment I think “This is pretty good I think I tried hard and will get a good grade.” I’m also good at reflecting on my learning by saying what I will do better next time and what I did well I might even revise or redo it. So I think I take school seriously enough to keep on going.

Reflection. What I can do better next year. Next year I can have a better work ethic and get all my work done at the start of class in scimatics then splitting over the class with one final push at the end. I could also go over my work better and check to see if I made a mistake like I didn’t answer one of the questions or didn’t do something I was supposed to do in an assignment. The things I did well were probably blog posts for some reason I like just sitting down putting some music on and just working away for 2 hours or so. I also think that I’m good at the final milestones on scimatics I just find those fun like blog posts. My growth as a learner. I think I grew from the start of the year even from this second semester. For example since the start of the year I learned how to do an exhibition, what a true field study was, how to good in a blog post, how to use my iPad, and what PLP is. But since the second semester, it was just reding these skills, for example, we just finished a successful exhibition tonight and my blog posts are only going up the only thing I think is holding them back is my bad English grammar.

Thank You for listening carefully to the T POL that I worked so hard on and I hope you enjoyed this presentation do you have any questions or comments?

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