The casting for any visual media is significant to the impact and credibility of the entertainment. My opinion on casting actors for queer roles is they must have at least one queer actor within the show. It’s like actors ie Tom Holland playing American characters though he himself is British, no one takes issue with that so I believe there’s no issue with a queer character being played by a straight person, as long as there is still representation from queer actors within the material. I firmly stand by this belief, on one condition. The straight person must be positively representing queer people and not making fun of them through their acting of the character. Additionally, something I’ve seen in many movies is trans people, typically white men playing trans women. This is NOT ok as it tends to encourage transphobia by making fun of trans people and displaying that trans people are only trans for personal gain and aren’t really trans in their day-to-day life. This is UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE and UNTRUE, the harshness from this and harm stirred up by cis actors playing trans characters is contrasted by trans characters being played by trans actors as it shows transphobic people trans people are always trans and don’t “put it on” for the camera. 

In summary queer people can be portrayed by straight counterparts with the expectation that queer representation is still incorporated into the visual entertainment. Trans people however are only truly given representation, without malicious intent or mockery, if trans characters are played by those a part of the trans community! 

Thanks for taking the time to read about my opinion on the matter!! 😊

-Byeeeeeeee (Kennedy the menace they/them) >:))))