Hello there!

This a reflection of a humanities project focused around the Middle Ages, if you are here on purpose just keep on reading! If you’ve miss-clicked, feel free to leave, but if this topic interests you I encourage you to stick around!!

The title of this blog post, “How did the quest for power impact people’s lives in the Middle Ages” is also the driving question to this humanities project. From the title and sentences above you have likely gathered that this was a history project. What you don’t know is that it included creating two learning resources and a planning keystone. One learning resource is about the Crusades and the other is focused around the feudal system and Middle Ages in general. 

Here is a few slides of my planning keynote, the proper title for this is my inquiry portfolio!


In my mind the work  from this portfolio is high quality, and I am eager to post this section of the blog!

These are a few slides from my Middle Ages presentation.   

I am happy with the work that I did, however if I were to redo this project I would better site my photos, and spellcheck an additional time. 

Here are some slides on my crusades learning resource.   

I believe that this work was good, though I definitely could’ve been more thorough with creating detailed work.

Overall I feel that this was quite valuable learning. To be taught about about historical significance and what it means was important. Understanding that the Crusades is a historically significant topic made the project interesting. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂