Finding fun with drawing!!

Hi there!

This is a blog post about a drawing project in Maker! The goal of this project was to develop our drawing ability! There were four assignments for the project and each one focused on a different skill. The first skill was learning about lines and pressure, second was doodling, third was lights and shadows, and the fourth was using colour! I’ve combined these assignments into a book! If you’d like to check out my drawings the link is below!

art book!

Kennedy’s art book!

thanks for reading!

Making Interesting Images

The driving question for this project is

“how might I use the still image to create and communicate through technology?”

Encase you’re wanting a somewhat proper explanation of this project:

The goal of this project is to learn about provoking emotion, and good storytelling through still images! We learned about this by taking pictures of our environment and having discussions about how to enhance photos to have different effects ie through changing our angle or adjusting the exposure.

here is a link to my finale demonstration of my learnings!

Photographic storytelling

As a result of this project I learned to invoke certain emotions though enhancing a photo. I also learned about taking pictures with different perspectives and angles. I was introduced to the effect different angles have on the impact of a photo and have hopefully demonstrated my learning through this keynote. ^^

thanks for reading!!

– Kenthemenace!! (they/them) >:)

Kennedy’s Maker Recap

Say hello to my first blog reflection post!! Are you excited??? Cause I am!

This post is a reflection on my first few pieces of work in Maker (which is essentially an ADST class) and how they represent who I am as a PLP learner!

The evidence I will be including is:

My digital selfie, laptop Memoji, and user manual.

The first thing I  turned in, in Maker, was my digital selfie. ↙️

The goal of this assignment was to learn and display my understanding of taking photos and using the Apple Pencil to enhance a photo, while explaining a quality that I posses as a learner. 

I believe myself to be a team player and a person who encourages everyone to be heard and participate. I represented this by creating a human pyramid with two of my friends. If I were to remake this, I would change the drawings to be more relevant to team building and supporting those around me! On the other hand I would 100% keep the human pyramid.🤣😂👍 

This is my Memoji! 

Wondering what a Memoji is?

I know I’d be wondering! The goal of this project was to display our understandings and ability with using keynote and to represent our aspects of our personality though “stickers” we created to go on our “iPad”. 

We didn’t need to make 14 stickers, though my enthusiasm forced me to make 14!!!! I displayed my family, athleticism, hedgehog, love of anime, but most importantly my clumsiness and weirdnesssss!!!!!! ✨

I believe this was a great piece of work, I had fun making it and I’m proud of it!

The pictures below are parts of my user manual! Specifically screen shots of it as I had trouble with uploading the document in any other way :(. This project was a description of you and a user manual describing you and how you operate! I enjoyed this project as I really got to personalize it and have fun with it!!

The goal was to display your learnings on using pages and creating an authentic piece of work that represents you as a person!

I believe that this work is something to be proud of and I feel proud in this moment posting it on my blog.


Thanks for reading my first review/ actual blog post! If you’ve found anything interesting (or you’re my friends/ family) though I know it’s likely the latter, I implore you to check out more posts I make!

-Kennedy the MENACE!!! 🙂 (they/them)

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