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Blue sky part 2: presenting

Hello friends… if you are here before you read this post read this one: GO DO IT IT’S HOMEWORK. Sorry got a little aggressive there. Anyway as I was saying, the time has come. Once we had finished our product we had to present it to the world (a.k.a our loving parents & family) not…

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Blue sky project part 1: building stuff

I never expected to hear myself saying this but, I created an invention! That’s correct with help from friends family and my teachers, my class and my self all were able to create an invention! The goal of this project was to create a invention that was important to us and we thought could help…

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Tempest play

Welcometh once again to mine own blog, this posteth is about learning mine own country’s hist’ry in New France (Quebec) while using Shakespeare’s playeth the tempest. (Translation if you were like me at the start of this project and thought this was gibberish: Welcome once again to my blog, this post is about learning my…

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Tpols, this is the time of the year for celebration and to look back on what you have accomplished! I have to say that this year has been the biggest year of change for me, I have become more aware of my future and my present on how I can achieve goals and use each…

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Time machine

Bringing out the best inside of yourself whether its making the right decision or taking a moment to revise your self morals and work ethic is hard, it is so easy to slip into destructive habits but there are ways to strengthen good habits. We learnt about goal setting, a book called 7 habits and…

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