Week 6 Challenges!

Hey! Week 6 Challenges are here now and I chose a topic that I thought is very interesting! I wondered what causes an animal to be albino.

Firstly an albino is an animal that is all white. They are quite uncommon and are no different than all the others besides the strange color.

downcametherain / Pixabay

What are albino mutations?

albino mutation is the complete loss of pigment. It can happen on any human, animal, or even plant and results in white/yellow hair and pink eyes (for most mammals).

Today I will only be talking about albino animals because they personally interested me the most because of the variety of animals that it can happens on.

Does being Albino make life different or more difficult?

It might surprise you but an albino animal has a much harder time surviving than average even though only the pigment has changed. For example an albino alligator can only last up to 24 hours due to the lack of protection from UV and with that they can’t camoflage as well as a normal one can. This isn’t the same for every albino animal though.

12019 / Pixabay

Now I will show you a short video explaining this a little better and a quick 2 truths and a lie game.



Now that you’ve watched that I want to see how much you know about Albinos (this survey I’ve made has some questions that I haven’t covered yet in this post just so I can see your knowledge of this). Enjoy! 😊


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  1. Mrs Ashby at |

    Hi there,

    You’ve provided some great activities to learn about Albino animals. I guess camouflage which is a big protector is missing also. I hadn’t thought about UV issues. It is unfortunate that I didnt have acess to the quiz although I did have the choice to ask for permission. Getting back to the task will be the issue so it would have been easier to just do the quiz.

    This is a great post, thank you.

    Bye from Mrs A
    #STUBC commenter


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