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Welcome to my blog! If you’ve bee keeping up with my weekly blog posts then you know all about what I’ve been doing for the past 5 weeks. If not, then maybe you should check those out too after you’re done reading this post.

 Driving question: Who Is The Greatest Canadian?

By looking at the driving question it seems pretty straight forward. All we had to do was identify who the greatest Canadian is. Well, yes but it’s really not that easy. At least that’s what my classmates think. For me it was really easy as I already had someone in mind. Steve Smith was my greatest Canadian and now my only challenge was to convince everyone else that he truly is the greatest Canadian. If you saw my last summarizing post then you might know why this project wasn’t as easy as it seems. That is because we had to answer that question in a podcast which is something I’ve never done before.

Since I’m writing this post after I’m done making the podcast I think it would be easier to just show you what I made instead of answering the driving question again. While you’re listening to it, keep in mind the driving question and try to find my answer to the driving question.

 Throughout this project we’ve not only been making a podcast episode but we’ve also been learning all about them and something I learned is how many hidden things are in an episode than you might think. One of these is the theme. As you can see in the illustration above, the theme is hidden underneath the iceberg. 

An activity we did in class one day was to try and identify what the theme was for this video. As you listen to my podcast I challenge you to find the theme, as well as the driving question. By doing this you’ll understand me when I say there’s a lot going on behind the scenes of making a podcast.

Making a podcast:

Like I said, there’s a lot behind the scenes of a podcast so why don’t I tell you about what the creation podcast is like. Firstly we find our subject. Mine was Steve Smith, but no matter what it is it’s important to know what you want to talk about. After you’ve done that you need to research about your subject. Maybe you’re a genius and you already know everything about you subject but I felt the same going into this project and was shocked by how much I could find about Steve Smith growing up. If you’re planning on interviewing someone for your podcast it is good to research about them too. If not then you can move on to planning your script.


The scripting part is something that I feel I didn’t do so well with but thankfully there’s plenty of professionals that actually know what they’re talking about so check out the link above once you’re ready to make your script. 

Recording a podcast is actually a little harder than you might think. To be engaging to the listener that means you have to actually be engaged in what you’re saying as well. In some parts of my podcast I sounded slightly monotone and that makes the listener not want be a listener.

There’s plenty of videos similar to this which talk about this problem if you need it.

Another part of podcasting is having music to match the mood of your podcast and other ambient noises. With making music all I do is mess around in GarageBand for a bit and see what I can make so I recommend you don’t listen to my music advice because I have no clue of what I’m doing. The next step however I’m still bad at but know a little about and that is mixing your audio. If everything has gone well so far, now all you have to do is put it all together  I talk more into detail about mixing in my week 4 post which you can see here. If you’ve been following my steps up to this point you should have a decent podcast.

My competencies:

 Empowered Learner: How might I use technology to construct knowledge? I demonstrated this competency directly through my final podcast by using a creative way to share information to others

 Comprehending Text: Have I applied a variety of strategies to comprehend texts and express an understanding of how texts use features? I demonstrated this competency through my note taking. By using multiple different ways of taking notes I was able to narrow down to my favourite way of note taking which I talked about In my week 2 blog post. 

Now that we all know how to make a podcast and who the greatest Canadian is we can look forward to podcasting about WW2. So stay tuned for my next project! 

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  1. Emily Maxwell at |

    I like that you highlight the stepping stones and Milestones that you learned from in this project Liam – we should continue to practice our voice exercises! Thank you for reflecting!


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