Rebel of Red River

This project my teachers made us research on a man named Louis Riel and how the Provence Manitoba was made.

on of the big struggles that i had over this project is that i was away for 2/3rds of it so when i got back from my trip i was super far behind for for the next week i came in to tutorial time every day that I could and got to righting the topic sentence for my 3 paragraphs that they wanted me to right so as soon as i got all of my sources to start i was racing and with in the next two classes that i had i was done then i got my revises on this project and got it done

the end

Loon lake reflection

For 5 days we when to a resort at loon lake called pinniacle pursuits and we were sent there as a class to work on our team building skills and to learn how we can trust each other more then what we can ever achieve in a class room, i think that i can say that we all had a really good time there and i would totally go again next year, some of the activities that we got to do with our class and the staff at the resort was a high ropes course and moving bridge a low ropes course trust falls on a chair that was on a table in to our pers arms and we had to fill in a booklet on every thing that we had learned and what we felt and how we have trusted our class more and some steps on how to be more respectful, in total i had learned a lot from this trip and i learned some valuable trust skills,

Winter exhibition 2023/2024

This winter exhibition we made a “metaphor machine” and to make one of these we first had to be assigned one of the historically significant revolutions, the revolution that i had to make a machine out of was the October revolution/Russian revolution, then we got put in to our team and we had to chose some roles like the leader director, script writer, tester and modifier, and a few others in there the role that i chose was the head engineer so for that i had to make and modify the machines parts [modules] and to test them out this role really kicks in between the last week before the winter exhibition and a lot on the actual exhibition since we needed to take the whole thing apart and take it to the next room!!! Then we put the machine together again and give it a few test runs [like 30-50 runs] then we got to eat out dinners that we ordered from white stop, we at for 30 minuets then we got to our rooms and then we let the parents in to come watch our machines in action. Ok so the actual machine was made out of things that we thought could represent some thing that happened in the revolution like mine was a pulley system supposed to represent the crowning of the new tzar and we had 6 others different to this one to make out metaphor machines then we let the machines run we had to set them u again and we made them go again like 100 times then the parents left and we got to destroy the machines and we went home. in general our machine went right like 10 times only and the rest was just fails but we all had a good time I’m just going to say that, well at lest i can say that about the time i had making a testing my machine

Take your kid to work day video

November 1 my school made us go to work with one of our parents and i went with my dad, so in the morning my dad got up at 5:30 in the morning i went to rowing at 6 got home at 7:30 then we went of to his first stop of the day at a kitchen showroom he owns 10 percent of this business so he got to work there for 2 hours ordering new parts for the kitchens in the building and talking to clients. While he was doing that i was going to the different kitchens checking out some of the features of them after that we went to go get lunch with my mom and dad we had some ramen then my dad and i went to go to a 4 hour meting, so i just got to play games through out the meeting but the meeting was for  another business called sentinal glass whitch installs glass and he was trying to get a deal with them they do roofing. Then we went home and go got to work for 2 more hours in his home office and then he finally got a brake from work to chill with my mother and i can say that just going with him to his work all day he was tired and i was too his work day is brutal but he still does it for his family I’m really greatful of how much work he has been doing now

This is my video click the link: copy_9A2E4F49-126E-4F60-A4E5-1DD5020C5802

Post of learning

Over the past few months i have learned an i have become a videographer a film maker i have learned how to use angles to show emotion in a video i have made a horror film and i have made lots of them videos but i think that the thing that i have done the best this year has been making a scary short film called “run-a remake” in this i was asigned a group with the people in my class and we had to go around our school to find a spot to film once we found a spot we got to filming and that took up our first full day the next day we made our class crit and we had to remake the video again but this time my group voted for me to be the main person and we had to redo all of the shots but in the end the video turned out really well

My Alberta videos

These are some of the videos that. Had made over my trip to Alberta

the first video that i have is a video about what inspires me and it says that the things that inspire me are my friends and family my sports/hobbies

the second video that i made was a very funny silent film that i made with my friends in the first location that we had visited called three valley gap ghost town.

the third video is about some questions that i made to interview two people on the trip these people were so kind and i am very thank full for this the let me film them will i asked the questions and in the end of the video i made a explanation of all of the questions and my under standing of them.  I hope you enjoy my videos.



Albert trip book

When we went on the Alberta trip we were tasked with making a book about were we went over the trip the teachers mostly put in the bigger locations like the last spike of the rail way in Alberta, in the book we needed to include a very detailed description of these locations and we also needed to include some pictures of these locations that we went to, we also had some questions on every page that we needed to answer like out of the five themes of geography which one would this one be and why, did you have fun here and what was your favourite part of this experience, we also made a silent video a documentary about what inspires me and a video of us interviewing two tourists that we met on the trip, those were just some of the amazing things that i did in this book and if you would like to see this book for your self then click on the ebook below, also if you would like to see all the videos that i was talking about then go to my other blog posts. How has the Geography of the West shaped who we are

we were also tasked with answering one question during our trip, the question for this trip was how has the geography of the west changed who we are and at first I thought that it was just the resorts in Canada Alberta for the cool views but in the trip while I was there in the moment i learned that it is the people that live in Alberta, the beautiful view from the top of the mountain, and the amazing attractions in Alberta. IMG_1542


“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

This half of the year I only had science and humanities for my plp classes i ha lots of fun in both of those classes but right now I’m going to talk about the good things I did in those projects and the thing that I could of done better. Just to name some of the projects we did this year we had make a poster for kids, I had to make a game on a new website called scratch 

My first project I had was in science and I had to make a health poster for kids and at first I though  that the teachers would just be kidding and that they wouldn’t be put up in schools but I was wrong they didn’t put them up in our school but they put up the posters they we made in to elementary schools, I had really liked this project because we had to use the germ designs that first graders gave use so we would take a picture and make an poster with the drawings they made for our project, I would say that my poster turned out pretty good but I could of changed some things about it, we made the posters on a app called Canva and we had to take pictures online that were not copy righted and use them in our adds with the germs on it but I could of chosen a better picture to put the germs on, in the end i had lots of fun doing this project.

Our first project for humanities this semester was called blue eyed brutes in helmets and other tall tales, for this project we had to a travel log on a historical figure for this I choose Christopher Columbus and we had to make a map of were he went we had to make a something called a word pack which is lots of words put in to a a shape that an app, we also had to make a sketch of our person or what they did and i made a sketch of Christopher Columbus then once we had all of that we had to make a travel log on what they did and we had to make it sound like a real log book so we got peer feedback and i had to redo it 4 times until it got accepted to hand it in then I put a old look on the book so make it look some what real, I don’t really know what I could of done better for this project but i had a really good time working with friends on this project.

This project was called mind over matter, The second science project we had was so much fun and stressful project I had in science, for this project We had to make a video game on an app called scratch I had never used before and in this app it’s meant to teach people how to make apps using basic code blocks and we had to make a game using atoms so i made a game similar to flappy bird and I had made the character an Atom and I made the tubes spike of ice because atoms get all messed up by ice so that’s why I made it that way, we also go to show of our game to the class and we got some critique from our class mates then we got to publish our games online on the scratch website for people to play, I had lots of fun on this project I would say it was my favourite one I had done but I could change some things on my game like I could of changed the back round and I cloud of put more detail in to the ice spikes and the atom.

This project was called consequences of colonization, For my second humanities project we had to make a script for a video on a painting from the discovery of North America and I got a painting with a man holding an Astro lobe [a mapping device] with some one taking notes and two natives on the left and the right side of the man in the middle, the back round takes place in the Columbia river,

And for this project we had to make notes on this picture then we had to re make a image in the eye of the natives so I had to draw most of the detail on the man in the middle I also did keep in the man to the left taking notes  but I made both of them in a bit of a lighter grey so I could put black on the natives so I could make them stand out since this is the eye of the native I would think that to them there would of been way more of then so I drew four of them in the re-interpretation and I drew the trees bigger because to them it might look and feel bigger I also made a lot of detail on this drawing, after we did that we had to make a video script explaining why we made these changes and how these events changed the world to this day, I was away on a family trip for most of the time the project so most of the work I had to hand in lat but at the same time i had wifi at most of these places and I could of done work then and when i came back from the trip i could of attended tutorial time but I didn’t so most of this project was choppy and in total this project could of been better all around,

This project was called journey to the centre of the Earth and for this project we had we had to make a fossil out of plaster in to the shape of a dinosaur or a type of plant and my group got dinosaurs so we had to make the plaster and we had to imprint the The toy in to clay then we had to pour the plaster in to it and we had to wait to take it our and once we took it out of the clay we had a fossil then we had to make a gif of one of the three things we are studying either sea floor spreading, tectonic plates and how they move or when plates collide and make mountains I choose how mountains are formed and I hade to animate each frame one by one to make the gif, and now we are working in the third keystone and we are making a recipe for a natural disaster and what causes them but we are like just started with this project so there isn’t any final project yet so we will what for it to come,

This project was called the medium is the message/spring exhibition, and we had to make a advertisement based on a company we visited on out Oregon trip I was put in to the group called high life adventures and that company was based on a zip lining park so we had to make questions for the owners of the company, then we asked them the questions and then we got to go zip lining after obviously we aren’t just going to interview them and not go zip lining but any ways when we got back from the trip we were put in to the rest of out group so we could all stay on track and we got to making the adds for the company with the Notes we took from the interview once we made the first draft we had some critique from our group and we all had to make many drafts and I can say my first draft was so bad it looked horrible, nut then we kept repeating the cycle and we all ended up with some pretty sweet looking adds for our exhibition since these adds were going to be presented to the public so we started planing out what we where going to do for our table since we have to make I              match the theme of our company and we needed to bring props for the table and snacks for the parents so we made tree cookies and we all wore black pants dark green shirt of jacket and a bike helmet and we presented to the parents and we all had a good time presenting our adds, something I could of done better is helped out more in the prop section i could of asked some people in the class if they had any thing or i could of made some because our table looked a bit to empty, over all this was my favourite project in humanities this whole school year,

Thank you for coming to my presentation of my learning as a plp student.

Blog post after the exhibition

I had lot of fun at the exhibition with my group we had to make adds with the skills that we had learned in the class and we had to make a add for a business that we visited in Oregon, the business that i had to interview with my group was called high life adventures that business was all about zip lining and we got to interview them then we got to go zip lining after but besides the zip lining we got to work on our posters right when we got back home then the next day we were put in to our groups for the exhibition and we were put to work on our adds, my first add was really bad but then I kept getting feed back from the teachers and class mates then after 5 drafts i had my add so then the teachers printed them out and gave them to us on the exhibition night, on the exhibition night we were put in to our groups and we got a spot in the gym for our table which we would put our iPads on our tables with our launch journal so we can show our progress in our learning and we had made cookies for the visitors and we made a script  that we would say things about our adds on display we put ours on a zip line that we made over our table and we hung them there then in the end of the night we gathered our things from our lockers and we all went home.

Post for Oregon trip!!


I had lots of fun on the trip to Oregon but i think that my favourite place we visited was cabelas I don’t know why but i really had lots of fun there I was hanging out with amigos and we all got the same shirt there that has an American bald eagle over an American flag. The coolest thing that i learned was how to catch shrimp in the sandy mud and how to tell what gender they are we also got to race crabs in a holahoop we raced them again by gender and by their size, in total i had lots of fun hanging out on a school trip with my friends