Hello and welcome back to my blog! This post is about the never exciting learning advance trip we went on with all the grade nines and eights. We went to a very nice camp type of place called Loon Lake. During our time at the learning advance we did many fun activities as well as learned a lot about a bunch of different things. While we were on the four day trip we filled in a e-book on what we did everyday, and what we learned. If you would like to see my e-book it is at the bottom of this post.

I was very excited to go on this trip to learn, build stronger bonds with my friends, and have lots of fun. Even though I was a little nervous that I would not have my friends in my cabin room, and that I was going to be cold the whole time. That fear soon turned into even more excitement after we arrived and started doing activities.

As soon as we arrived at Loon Lake we went to the outside theatre and went on a photo walk. To do this we had to go on the rope ferry to get to the forest. Throughout the walk I took lots of photos to make sure I had something to add to my e-book. I was a little cold during the first activity but after the walk was done we did a fun camp map activity with a group to find out where everything was. After that we did a few more activities along with dinner and evening fun. At the end of day one I already got to improve my teamwork and collaboration skills during the group activity’s. Here is my favourite day one photo.

Day two was a super fun and eventful day. Right off the bat I got to continue to work on my teamwork skills during the survive the wild activity. This was one of my favourite things that we did on the learning advance. I got to make new friends and become closer with old friends. For the survive the wild activity we got to build a shelter in small groups. I had so much fun building my shelter with Alicia and Nolan. On the second day we also worked on the 7 habits project we are doing, and lastly evening fun. During evening fun I used my communication and teamwork skills. We played a fun game of 4 vs 4 in Pictionary. I worked with my team to come up with ideas of what the drawings could be, and my team won!Β 

Day three was lots of fun and I also learned a lot! Before lunch we worked on the 7 Habits workbook and talked about the first 3 habits, also known as the private victory habits. During the class discussion I listened to other peoples perspectives on what they saw the habits as. I found this interesting because for some I did not think of the habit that way. Day three was also very exciting because I learned how to play Battle Archery, and very realistic Laser Tag After lunch. Archery was similar to normal archery but with different arrows and different rules. Then for the Laser Tag, it was very technical and very realistic. I felt like I was playing Call of Duty but in real life. I think out of those two activity’s I had more fun during the Battle Archery because I was better at it then Laser Tag. I think if we were able to fit in a few more rounds of Laser tag I would have gotten better and enjoyed that just as much. Here is my favourite photo from day three.

Lastly day four, the day we left. We did not do much on day four besides pack up and leave but I helped my peers pack up some of their stuff and carry it to the bus. On the way back on the bus I would really like to say that I was thinking about how great the week was…however I actually was so tired and also hungry.Β 

Then there was also the e-book which I filled out everyday. This book kept track of the days highlights, activity’s, and reflects on what I did that day. During every activity throughout the day I made sure to take lots of pictures so that I had lots to talk about in my e-book. Here is how my e-book turned out.Β 

Overall I’m pretty happy because it was supposed to rain but it didn’t rain too much. This was a big mood booster because I don’t think I would have had as big as a growth mindset if I were cold and wet. I participated in all activity’s which showed my growth in my teamwork and communication skills. I feel I learned a lot on this trip from small things like that I actually like oranges, or that shooting people with Laser Tag guns is easier then it looks, and even lots of stuff about The 7 Habits!Β I hope you enjoyed reading about the PLP Learning Advance and I will be back with another post soon.