Hello and welcome back to my blog. This post is going to be based on the short video project we just completed. Right from the start I can say that I learned a lot. Who knew that when movies/films first started being invented that they were so complicated to make! I definitely didn’t but throughout this project we got to learn some interesting information about movie history and also how we can make our own movies on iPads. The overall goal of this project was to build new skills and become a better movie maker.

Skill 1:

The very first short video we got to create was filmed in an app called Clips and was based on filming with different angles. This app allows you to pan/zoom in on photos, add music, adjust sound settings, add posters, and many other cool effects. These are all things that should have been included in the video. The goal was to put multiple clips together to create to tell a simple short story. I decided to make mine on my favourite activity which is of course horseback riding. The story talks about my journey of when I started horseback riding and how far I’ve gotten to now. I think that I definitely improved as I learned new skills in clips. As you will see in the video below it’s a little rough, the sound is fuzzy, and the video quality is not the best but these are all skills I improved as I continued learning in this project.Β 

My Favourite Activity/Hobby

Skill 2:Β 

The second movie we created was a Silent Movie. This skill was also based on using different angles to tell a story. Except the only sound this story could have was background music. Did you know that movies back in the day only had live music/talking for the sound? I found that very interesting and was excited to try and create my own Silent Movie. This skill ended up being harder then I thought as some of the angles/actions I wanted to include were hard to film. My silent movie included the use of different filters/effects as well as angles from the ground to make objects and people look bigger and angles from up top to make them look smaller. I definitely could have improved and spent some more time capturing those different angles and also made the story more clear.

Skill 3:Β 

Then came skill number 3 where we focused on planning our movie using storyboards. For this movie we were put into groups of 3, my included Hannah, Zach and I. Our task was to create a tutorial video on anything we found interesting. We worked together to make a storyboard which included what would be filmed, and a short script on who would say what. After we built this we were ready to film. Which is when we ran into a problem. Our original idea was to make a tutorial video on how to ride a bike…but we didn’t have a bike. So we quickly came up with a new idea and filled in a new storyboard on how to draw a β€œbig happy family”. I think our final video actually turned out pretty well and might be my favourite out of all 4 skill videos.

Skill 4:

Then lastly we have the last skill. This was a movie which uses a variety of special effects. For this movie we were once again put into groups of 3, this time it was Alicia, Sabrina and I. Our movie included the use of green screen/blue screen, filters, and cool transitions. We did multiple things/steps to create this movie. First we started by planning out what our movie was going to be about. To do this we created a treatment which we learned about. A treatment is basically a short write up of what the story/movie idea. This helped us when presenting our idea to the teacher before making the rest of the plan and our script. Then we got to move onto filming and voice overs. We started by filming transitions which we put into iMovie to complete. Then we got to the more complicated filming part, using the green screen. We filmed multiple videos making sure to record extras just in case. Then we put the videos into the app iMovie and drew a space background to go with our theme. We then made sure to add in our drawings and replaced the green screen with them. This took a few try’s to figure out but we got the hang of it. Can’t forget to add in the voice recordings to replace the background noise then we finished. Here’s how our video turned out!

Overall I think I successfully accomplished this Vibrant Video project. I definitely improved my movies making skills and learned a lot about how movies were created back in the day. I am happy with the work I created but I can 100% still improve as theres always something new to learn with all the new iPad updates and features. I think my favourite movie that I made with my group was the tutorial video because my team worked very well together despite the road blocks we ran into. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed my videos.Β