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Radical Renaissance Innovations!

Hello my Wonderful Readers!! Today I will be explaining my Triptych which I have made in our latest Humanities project, Radical Innovations with Ms Willemse! Product – How Made Why? I made it using photos of me and editing them… Continue Reading →

Power Play!

Greetings, my friends! Today I will be speaking about one of our most recent humanities projects, Power Play! Power Play was in November and some of December; Ms. Madsen was our teacher for the duration of the project. Through the… Continue Reading →

My Mandatory School Art Portfolio :)

Hello my lovely readers! For the last few weeks in Maker, we have been making drawings in Sketches Pro, which is a drawing app PLP uses. Though I prefer Procreate, Sketches is a decent drawing app for people who just… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on my first Exhibition!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a great break! Today I will be reflecting on my first PLP Exhibition! I will kind of be dividing the parts of it on the timeline, like I’ll be speaking of what happened… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Making Interesting Images with Ms. Kadi!

 Hey all! This will just be a short post today! I will be reflecting on our first half half of our maker project; if you are interested in looking into the other half, click here. This half was based on learning about making… Continue Reading →

The end of our First Maker 8 Project!

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to my blog! We are now wrapping up our first official Maker Project, Becoming a PLP Learner! In this post I will be presenting my answer to our driving question “Who am I as a… Continue Reading →

Hello Everyone!

Hello all, welcome to my blog. Here I will be documenting what happens in my 5 year PLP Journey, It would be funny if more people then my friends, parents, and teachers read this blog every once in a while…. Continue Reading →

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