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Oh, TPoLs? Okay.

👋 Hiya Everyone! We’re back again for TPoLs, wow this was a fast year. Today I will be once again speaking about my growth as a learner for 7ish minutes. I somehow remembered the declaration which I guess has been… Continue Reading →

The Medium is the Message & The Spring Exhibition

Hello readers, Hope your all enjoying your Happy Father’s Day! For our finishing project of the year, we have been working on The Medium is the Message with Ms Willemse! This was a really fun project, I think this is… Continue Reading →

Oregon Coast 2023 🌊

Hello Humans. Hope your all doing well, I’ve recently come back from my first ever field study! We were just on the Oregon Coast and in Washington for six days. Yes, I know. After six days with my classmates, I… Continue Reading →

Wait there’s consequences to colonization?

Hello humanoids, today I will be speaking about my latest Humanities project. The Consequences of Colonization.  This was a confusing project for the start. Originally,  we were supposed to have Ms. Pitches, though she teaches foods in Block 8, so… Continue Reading →

Matter does Matter

Greetings Friends and Foes!! Today, I will be writing about our latest science project, Mind Over Matter.  I’m going to start off by saying this was a more difficult project. I thought it was also really fun! Starting with the… Continue Reading →

Navigating European Exploration 🧭

Hiya Everybody! This was the first Humanities project of semester #2! The project was with Ms. Madsen! Unfortunately, we were only with her for 1/3 of the project due to her having medical issues; the other 1/3 was with random… Continue Reading →

Though they are small, they are mighty! 🦠

Ello Everyone!! First blog post in a while; last was MPoLs. Anyway, for the last month or so, we have been doing our first science project with Ms. Kadi. The specific project was “small but mighty!” Where we learned about… Continue Reading →

My first ever MPoL, this will be interesting.

👋 Hello my lovely readers! It’s the moment I have been partially afraid for quite sometime now. My first Mid Year Presentation of Learning. Which will commence on Monday the 30th, scary stuff. Anyways, lets get started with the declaration…. Continue Reading →

Radical Renaissance Innovations!

Hello my Wonderful Readers!! Today I will be explaining my Triptych which I have made in our latest Humanities project, Radical Innovations with Ms Willemse! Product – How Made Why? I made it using photos of me and editing them… Continue Reading →

Power Play!

Greetings, my friends! Today I will be speaking about one of our most recent humanities projects, Power Play! Power Play was in November and some of December; Ms. Madsen was our teacher for the duration of the project. Through the… Continue Reading →

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