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Let’s Get Riel!

Hello everybody, today I will be talking about our last Humanities project of Semester #1, Let’s get Riel! Throughout the project, we learned about Louis Riel! He is an extremely important figure throughout Canadian history, especially when it comes to… Continue Reading →

Sparks Fly! ⚡️

Hey Everybody, today I’ll be talking about our last science project of 2023, Sparks Fly! Sparks Fly was a mini project we did in the last few weeks of school before winter break, as you can imagine: This project was… Continue Reading →

The most stressful exhibition yet.

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all having a wonderful winter break so far. Today I’m going to be talking about how this year’s winter exhibition went, along with the wrap-up of metaphor machines! This is the project we’ve been working… Continue Reading →

Taking ChemHISTORY!

Hey everybody! Have any of you ever used chemicals to make different coloured fire? I have! Today I’m going to be talking about one of our latest Science Projects ChemHISTORY! In this project we focused on Chemistry and History (was… Continue Reading →

The Making of Intervention

Two people return to their cabin after a trip, and there is a large new building in the forest, there’s a company, with odd henchmen searching in the night, and no-one knows why they’re there… Hey Everybody! After Running a… Continue Reading →

Loon Lake Learning Advance 2023!

As my Dad and I drove down the Gravel Road headed to the UBC Campus at Loon Lake, a swirl of reservations filled my mind about the field study. Yet, deep down I knew that PLP would find a way… Continue Reading →

Take your grade 9 to work day!

👋 Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’ll be speaking about what I did for Take your Grade 9 to work day! I spent the day with my Dad! He works for Metro Vancouver as a Research Analyst…. Continue Reading →

The chaotic fun of Running a Remake!

Hiya Everyone! Today I’ll be speaking about our recreation of the following video for Maker! Run Take #1 I was paired with Bobby, Meghan, Liam, and Melissa. We scouted locations and chose a trail beside the Myrtle grass field. I… Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain Field Study: Humanities Edition!

👋 Hey readers! Have you ever almost stumbled off the side of a cliff (accidentally)? I have! We’ve spent the last 5 weeks on our Humanities and Maker projects that were connected to our field study of the year! This time we… Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain Field Study: Maker Edition!

05:50, September 16th 2023. As me and my dad pulled up to Seycove, there was nothing but a single car, we then saw Mr Harris emerge from the car and saw it drive away. I then knew, this will be… Continue Reading →

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