Welcome to my About Me page!

My name is Matteo as you have seen on my blog title! I have a pet rabbit, I am learning web development and I play Soccer. I dunno what else to add to make this longer, oh I got it! My favourite TV Show is Suits and I have watched the 9 seasons with 40 minute episodes around 3 times so far!

My hobbies are gaming, digital art, soccer. For the people interested I game on my PS4 and iPad. On my PS4 I play games like Jedi Fallen Order, Moving Out, Lego City Undercover, Fall Guys. On my iPad I mainly play Geometry Dash and Boom Beach.

I am a student in Seycove’s Performance Learning Program, in the program we use iPads as a tool for learning and learn slightly differently then regular students.

Here’s my collage about myself.