My Favourite Hobby: Art

One of my favourite things to do in my free time is to draw, sketch, or paint which are all forms of art and since I like to do them so much, I decided to choose art as the topic for my blog. I don’t like all forms of art because some I just don’t understand, but I do really like drawing so I will mostly be focusing on that by sharing some drawings I have done and some that inspire me. I really like drawing because it’s a nice way for me to express how I feel about about something. For example, if there was a show I watched that I really liked I would probably draw my favourite character or thing from the show afterwards or if I saw a really nice landscape picture it would inspire me to want to make a landscape I thought looked nice.

For a while shortly after I got my iPad I got into digital art which is definitely my favourite form of art for creating my artworks. I love it because I can do my 3 favourite things (drawing, sketching, painting) all with 1 Apple Pencil and not have to worry about all the different pencils, paint brushes, markers, erasers, pencil crayons, and chalk. The app I use and enjoy a lot is called Procreate, I mostly do all my drawings on Procreate now but sometimes I still might want to make a physical copy on paper or a canvas to switch it up. One of my favourite most recent drawings I did was on procreate and I was really happy how it turned out. I was trying out some new brushes I had downloaded for the clouds and I chose to make a forest theme landscape and when I think of the forest I think of trees and animals so I decided to make a landscape in a wolfs head.

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